Week 14 Writing Prompt: Spiritual Consultation

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Your true meaning cannot be grasped or captured by words. You can never be equated with any words, because you are prior to words. -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Now would be a good time to check in with your personal Powers That Be (PTB) about your goals. If you are starting to feel run down and dispirited, confiding in your PTB about your worries and troubles may lighten your load. Your PTB may also have advice as to how to better manage your goals. You may want their input to decide if you’re progressing as well as you could be.

There are a few ways to do this. Simple prayer of course. You can also write everything down and then ask your PTB to automatically write their answers to you back. In Eat, Pray, Love, the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, describes her talks with God using this method. God gave good advice to her when her marriage was failing and she was crying in the bathroom every night: “Go to back to bed, Liz.” You could let your PTB know that you’re opening yourself up to omens and see what animals cross your path or songs you hear on the radio or dreams you have as well as any other uncommon occurrences. You could also mediate on the matter and open yourself up to your PTB answering.

I always feel a little silly and suspicious about the gods answering me because, in Catholicism (my background), God doesn’t tend to speak directly to you in actual words unless She has biiiiiiiig plans for you. (See: Joan of Arc.) So, I always think it’s just me answering myself. Well.  Here’s the thing: It doesn’t really matter who is answering you (Though, I’ve personally come to believe it’s my personal deities answering back!) as long as the advice is good. You know the difference between good advice and bad advice and, of course, sometimes your PTB will have their own agendas for you. But if they’re not telling you to start killing house pets or show up to work naked, I think it’s okay to give their ideas a go. You can also talk to your God Self which is a part of the Feri tradition if you don’t have external PTB.

How do your PTB’s advice change your approach to your goals?


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