The Mermaid & The Crow Past Ritual Oil Descriptions

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Past Société Secrète (only given, never sold)

Babalon (the letter seems to be lost, a reconstructive description from the formula) Lush pomegranate draped over jammy chocolate roses swirled over oud wood.

Black Philip

What dost thou want?
Wouldst thou like the taste of butter?
A pretty dress?
Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?
Wouldst thou like to see the world?
– The Witch, Black Philip

The taste of cream drenched butter. The perfect little black dress.
Delicious sugar dusted white cakes. Worldly desire. Black magic by midnight. Use to
remind yourself who you are.

In Omnia Paratus

Inky, fleshy merlot wine splashed over exotic teakwood, caramelized Tahitian vanilla pods, sun-warmed figs and delicate cassis entwined with rich cedarwood, extravagant bergamot and liquescent amber heated over the smokiness of a bonfire.


Discontinued from the Collection

Aurora’s Mojo

A blend of dried herbs that include rum, tobacco, ginger and boneset this oil works to promote the prosperity, protection, attractiveness, luck and courage in your ritual work.


Sanguine dark resinous dragon’s blood smoked with frankincense and red sandalwood. The scent of worn leather over serpentine scales, breathing the earthy darkness of patchouli over a hoard of treasured sacred books. It can be used to establish the powers of your subconscious,

Britania’s Basil Money Drawing

A blend of dried herbs that include basil, clove, patchouli, irish moss, honey and cinnamon. Hand pressed with a mortar and pestle.


Herbaceous verdant eucalyptus, pungent sage and bright Meyer lemon softened by Sencha green tea and ghostly willow groves, resting on dark amber resin.  Used in cleansing rituals.


The trample of hooves over a meadow of crushed patchouli, rich bergamot, heady sage, luscious dark vanilla, sharp citrus warmed with sensual musk, luxurious sandalwood, sumptuous oud wood and opulent leather.  Use to increase potency and power.

Lucy’s Lavender Healing

A blend of dried herbs that includes lavender, agrimony and life everlasting. Hand pressed with a mortar and pestle.

Mr. Tumnus

“He was only a little taller than Lucy herself and he carried over his head an umbrella, white with snow. From the waist upwards he was like a man, but his legs were shaped like a goat’s (the hair on them was glossy black) and instead of feet he had goat’s hoofs. He also had a tail, but Lucy did not notice this at first because it was neatly caught up over the arm that held the umbrella so as to keep it from trailing in the snow. He had a red woollen muffler round his neck and his skin was rather reddish too. He had a strange, but pleasant little face, with a short pointed beard and curly hair, and out of the hair there stuck two horns, one on each side of his forehead. One of his hands, as I have said, held the umbrella: in the other arm he carried several brown-paper parcels. What with the parcels and the snow it looked just as if he had been doing his Christmas shopping. He was a Faun. And when he saw Lucy he gave such a start of surprise that he dropped all his parcels.

‘Goodness gracious me!’ exclaimed the Faun.”
– The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Base notes of patchouli, vetiver, and tonka beans heightened with amber, wild geranium and bergamot. The scent of the woods in snow near a lamp post. Hooves running over fallen branches, a flash of a red scarf and an umbrella. A deeply masculine, wild satyr scent.


A mischievously sexy romp through the wooded glen. Lush gardenia blossoms, effervescent pink champagne, fleshy berries, intoxicating heliotrope, carnal patchouli, heady amber and piquant blood orange. Used to be pursued and be given what’s rightfully yours.


Forgotten mysteries practiced in secret in sacred copses of the wood, lit by otherworldly bonfires. The sharpness of sacred herbs draped over a thicket of smoked cedar wood, grounded in loamy earth.  It can  be used to to open yourself to the spirit world.

Rowan’s Rose Love Drawing

A blend of hand pressed dried herbs and flowers that include rose, jasmine and ginger. Pressed using a mortar and pestle.


A majestically blinding brightness of sun drenched freesia, jasmine, orchid and rose with an underlying carpet of carelessly crushed violets and bergamot.

Stag King

The height of the summer solstice. Smoldering patchouli and ginger over lusty applewood, green oak, olive wood, acacia and oakmoss, spilling over with greenery, rosemary and salvia. Use to increase potency.


A midnight host of trampled balsam, fir, evergreen and cedar needles, crushed berries, forbidden drams of darkest chocolate liquor hidden in an abandoned cairn.


Past Limited Edition


The refinement of the finer things in life – cigars, exotic spices and cognac laced with the forest floor. Always spinning, always weaving, always looking for the angle.

This ritual fragrance oil can be used to learn inner secrets, unravel deep seated truths and start some trouble.


A primal witches’ feast in a clandestine stone circle, hidden deep in an evergreen forest. Enchanted smokey bonfires and tables laden with golden cognac and rich whiskey, decadent cheroot tobacco, cannabis flowers, jasmine, patchouli and cinnamon bergamot black tea.

Black Widow

A smoky bar, a black magic cocktail laced with sexy aromatics and an onyx bowl dripping with pomegranate seeds.

This ritual fragrance oil can be used to delve into your deepest darkness and harness your inner femme fatale.

Carrion Flower

we learned how on our own
never needing help from you
reaching out with eyes closed
we felt the light, it taught us to grow
(hold, hold, hold on)
creatures of habit, carrion flowers

“Carrion Flowers”, Chelsea Wolfe

What did you dig up, what did you bury? It was so dark that night in the woods with only the blood moon to light your way. Your heart is pounding, your bare feet crushing flowers as you run through the abandoned cemetery. What did you promise? What did you give? What will become of you? What will you become?

Scent Notes: Lush entombed lilies, heady obsequy lilacs, necropolis dirt, resinous dragon’s blood, dark patchouli, exotic sandalwood and ghostly oak moss.


The trample of hooves over a meadow of crushed patchouli, rich bergamot, heady sage, luscious dark vanilla, sharp citrus warmed with sensual musk, luxurious sandalwood, sumptuous oud wood and opulent leather.

Cloven Fruit

The sharp citrusness of an orange heightened by freshly ground cinnamon, earthy nutmeg and expressive clove perfectly blended with blackberries, black tea, plums and oak moss. The essence of the thrill of the chase.   Folklorically, it can be used to entice a new romantic or sexual partner.

Fade Into You

I want to hold the hand inside you
I want to take the breath that’s true
I look to you and I see nothing
I look to you to see the truth

– Fade Into You, Mazzy Star

The soft melancholy of a love long lost with the promise of new beginnings.

Scent Notes: Warm cocobolo wood, riotous jasmine, wild roses and untamed lavender, soothing green chamomile, raw honey and calming spices.

Use to gently recall faded polaroid memories of lovers that have come and gone and to open new doors for new desires, passions and possibilities.

Suitable for lovers of all genders and orientations.


A scent memory of past and imagined festivals with the promise of future adventures to come.

Scent Notes: The smoke of crackling bonfires and clove cigarettes, the invocation of good leather and the spice of your lover’s scent.

Use to recall previous lives where you were unfettered and to open doors for later opportunities to be wild and free again.

Suitable for festival goers of all genders and orientations


the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Bring me your crystals, your freedom rings, your bundles of hand dried herbs, your velvet dresses, your vintage suspenders, your organic cotton binders, your silk thongs, your riding crops, your creased and notated books, your many loves, your big mouth, your furious typing, your revived ‘zines, your handmade everything, your running shoes, your actual fucking glamour.

Bring me you.

Scent Notes: Provocative steamy bath water laced with coconut, floating verdant ozonic greens, drifting aquatic blossoms all strewn in a decadent woodland tub.

Use to remind yourself that your mind is your own, your spirit is your own and your body is your own.

Friday I’m in Love

Dressed up to the eyes
It’s a wonderful surprise
To see your shoes and your spirits rise
Throwing out your frown
And just smiling at the sound
And as sleek as a shriek
Spinning round and round
Always take a big bite
It’s such a gorgeous sight
To see you in the middle of the night
You can never get enough
Enough of this stuff
It’s Friday
I’m in love
– “Friday I’m In Love”, The Cure

Scent notes: Lovely dark chocolate with hints of rich caramel and decadent Tahitian vanilla extract.

Use to attract love from others and yourself.


You can feel your power rushing through your veins (along with the champagne) as you laugh, surrounded by a circle of friends and admirers. In this moment, seated in your glamour, for a moment all things seem possible. All doors crack open half an inch for a moment. You smile to yourself. Who knows what the next year will bring now that all things are possible?

Scent Notes: Frangipani, Tuberose, Neroli, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood and Cocobolo Wood

Use to be centered in your glamour.

Goddess of the Hearth

A delightfully herbaceous aroma with gorgeous floral and tea undertones. Each scent component was carefully chosen to bring prosperity, love, happiness and protection to you and your hearth. Expect notes of lavender, thyme, rose and parsley among others.


A ghostly autumnal blend of tattered grimoire pages, almond marizipan All Souls Day offerings in crisp October air scented with applewood, oakmoss, balsam with freshly mown hay laid over sacred amber and benzoin with the whisper of hallowed burial grounds.


This is the season where we go into ourselves to find what lights the fire within us. This is the season where we show our care for each other by offering warm cups of tea and freshly baked bread. We light tealights and we light our fireplaces and we keep ourselves and each other warm. Hygge season is rooting within us and our goddesses whisper dreams in our ears.

Wear to remind yourself that the hearth of your home lives in your heart.

Scent Notes: The warmth and smoke of your heart’s bonfire. The crackle of exotic cocobolo wood and sandalwood. Redolent with luxurious spices of the season.

Holly King

An arbor of holly grown feral. An imposing leather throne. A striking sandalwood work table resplendid in bowls of rich cinnamon sticks, opulent hazelnuts, sumptuous Meyer lemons and splendid tobacco. His locks, wound with verdent holly. His skin, luminous. His woolen coat, voluminous. Use to be command your sovereignty.

Ice Queen

You are crowned in ice shards and furs as your reindeer pull your graceful little sled, crushing all your obstacles under its tread. You untouched by repellant unwanted attention, tossing down cordial glasses of St. Germain. The Longest Night is your domain.

Scent notes: Frost bitten ozone, icy winter roses and frozen jasmine, lush bright citrus on an earthy incense background.

Use to be haughty, regal and seated in your dignity. Made for Ice Queens of all genders.


The essence of joie distilled.

“Balancing the tray on one hand, I picked up the glass from which he had drunk and raised it to my lips. With the tip of my tongue, I caught a tiny drop of pure joie clean and spicy, at once icy and burning. Watching him wind through the crowd, I savored the the taste of it and the secret sharing; then, quick and guilty, I replaced the glass and continued on my rounds.” – Kushiel’s Dart Jacqueline Carey

Perhaps, like Phèdre, you are an anguisette/courtesan/spy, ready to unravel international affairs while conducting your own sexy affairs and you need the scent of joie upon you when you are far from home. Perhaps, you are simply tired from being in the heart of the dark of winter and would like the scent of joie to revive you and remind you that while perhaps you aren’t going to large masked parties full of tableaux, intrigue, and flirtation, you are still worthy of having the oiled perfume of joie upon your breast to lighten your spirit and remind you that adventure is still possible. Even if it may not require a months long voyage by sea. Give yourself a moment to embrace your inner anguisette/courtesan/spy and see what doors the (Goddamn) Universe (Herself) will open for you when your heart is open. To the Longest Night! To the New Year! To you!

The headiness of honeysuckle and orange blossom, the sweetness and sparkling of your favorite champagne draped over the sharpness of pine boughs and cedar wood.

Suitable for would-be anguisettes of all genders.


Transformative musky sea weed, green ozone and salty sea breezes. The clamor of hooves over a field of mahogany branches, patchouli and sage. Rugged spicy black pepper combine with uplifting bergamot, deep vetiver and zesty citrus. Use to be forceful and fearless of the whims of others.   It can also be used to recollect what it is to be free and desired.

Kiss Them For Me (another one lost to time, description reconstructed from formula)

Heady roses swirled with cognac and tobacco draped over an earthy, musky, peppery dirt.

Let the Right One In

Let the right one in
Let the old dreams die
Let the wrong ones go
They cannot
They cannot
They cannot do what you want them to do

– “Let the Right One In”, Morrissey

Glittering crushed posies gifted by lovers. Warm sexy musk from the night’s dance. Swirls of buttercream frosting licked off of fingers. Jeweled blood oranges dripping from greedy mouths. Invitations broken by bread.

This ritual fragrance oil can be used to entice love where you need it most whether it’s to keep the bonfires burning in a long term relationship, find a new mate, get the recognition you’ve been looking for, self love and acceptance or even welcomed flirtation from a stranger. Perfect for all genders and orientations.

La Luxure (first ever limited edition)

This dreamily sensual rich fragrance is a sexy rose base with notes of coquettish jasmine, warm ginger, creamy coconut, decadent champagne and a pop of creamy pink sparkle. Each tin is covered with a hand embroidered piece of damask with Erzulie’s Veve. The solid part of the perfume is made from coconut oil, bees wax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Naturally, each parfum will be fixed through prayer, offerings and magical working. The only animal this has been tested on is me (you’re welcome!)

La Luxure was made in honor of the love Orisha (goddess) Erzulie. It can be worn as a devotion to Erzulie but also functions as an attracting glamour to attract a potential partner or to get your current partner in the mood. 😉

Longest Night

The essence of joie distilled. Lush sparkling pomegranate draped over heady jasmine, exotic sandalwood. Fine aged brandy and sweet d’anjou pears. Dark ylang ylang laid over oud wood. It can be used in Venusian planetary work and invocations for the new year.

Love is a Stranger

Love is a stranger
In an open car
To tempt you in
And drive you far away

It’s savage and it’s cruel
And it shines like destruction
Comes in like the flood
And it seems like religion
It’s noble and it’s brutal
It distorts and deranges
And it wrenches you up
– “Love is a Stranger”, Eurythmics

The smell after a night of burgundy wine soaked raucous debauchery. A lover’s leather jacket. An indulgent dessert of sugar cane, bergamot, cardamom, clove, cinnamon coconut milk and vanilla orchid. A warm, exotic bed made from luxious dark oud wood, teakwood and cedar, strewn with rose petals. A brazier burning with cedar, patchouli and sandalwood.

Fortune favors the bold. Do you dare?

This ritual fragrance oil can be used to entice love where you need it most whether it’s to keep the bonfires burning in a long term relationship, find a new mate, get the recognition you’ve been looking for, self love and acceptance or even welcomed flirtation from a stranger. Perfect for all genders and orientations.


You are swathed in garlands of ivy, animal furs and antlers, crying out to your sisters as your bare feet pound against the damp earth running away from all of your obligations for this one full mooned night where you will drink too much, dance too much and love too much. You listen to the snakes and hold them close to you and no one would dare to stop you from claiming what’s yours.

Scent Notes: Heady burgundy wine, rich lush olive oil, loamy oak moss, forest greens and amber.

Use to incite wild, animalistic ecstasy in yourself and others, to find your tribe, to inspire overabundance and artistic endeavors. Fit for maenads of every gender.

Mary Magdalene

For the patroness of perfumers, nothing less would do than pure rich, smoky balsamic myrrh and intoxicatingly decadent rose essential oils draped over woody and earthy sandalwood and bejeweled scarlet pomegranate. Healing aloe and palms, heavenly freesia, French jasmine, divine orchid, exotic tea, and soft vanilla are balanced with sensual dark oud wood, earthy patchouli, woodsy musk and rich amber

Man in Black

A deeply complex aroma with rich sexy notes of exotic teak wood, luxe cedar, earthy green tea, enigmatic saffron, citrusy cardamom with a hint of blood orange. Each scent component was carefully chosen to bring prosperity, confidence and an air of attractiveness to the wearer

May Crown

Scent Notes: Garlands of luscious lilacs, heady roses, weighty eucalyptus, strong fig and powerful olive branches for your noble brow that you have woven for yourself. Whether you purchased these blooms with hard won coins or gathered them yourself into a basket, these branches are a manifestation of your own work. Your hands are torn by thorns and sticky with flora liquor but you have earned this crown of your own making.

Use to self anoint yourself to center yourself in your power, to take up space and to remind yourself to aspire to your to your most intense ambitions.

Suitable for crowned sovereigns of all genders and orientations.


Your serpentine many-finned tail curls as you sing for the sheer joy of driving mortals to death with the beauty of it. You are clothed only in strings of pearls your sisters have strung for you and your long wild hair with sailor’s keepsakes strewn through your locks. They couldn’t keep them safe from you. Nothing can. You eat only the finest oysters off of their mother of pearl shells and drink wooden casks of rum stolen from the ships you have wreck. In the morning, you whisper with your sisters half-heard stories from the mortal world – tales of love lost, ruin that came from gambling and drinking too hard, things found and missing and then you sigh and sleep the sleep of one who does not have to worry about such crushingly trivial matters.

Use to find your own siren’s voice, to find wild, raw beauty in yourself and your world, to draw others’ to you and to inspire potential suitors to become mad (and possibly ship wrecked) for you. Fit for mermaids of every gender.

Mistress MeowMeow

Dark, rich supple leather. Fleshy, opulent violet bruised figs. Fresh, crushed herbs under stiletto heel. The austerity of the quintessential gin martini. Use for empowerment and domination work.

Modern Anchorite

Social distancing and varying degrees of shelter in place has been hard on all of us – hard on our essential workers, hard on our home workers, hard on our apocalyptic housefrauses. Everyone’s routine has been disrupted and it’s hard to say what the future will bring. But our future will still bloom spring. We can still bake or buy little cakes for a moment of sensual pleasure. We can still see the greens outside of our windows and we can find small joys inside our anchorholds if we know where to look.

Scent Notes: Rich baked confections inside our anchorholds and the scent of verdant, lush spring outside our windows.

Use to remember there’s loveliness inside our anchorholds and outside.

Suitable for anchorites of all genders and orientations.


Not long ago, we imprisoned a Naiad for committing moderate acts of violence against some farmers. She deboned one of them. – The Magicians (S4Ep11)

Scent Notes: Cool deep waters, deeply rooted lily pads blossoming, night blooming awapuhi and jasmine, savaged driftwood from those who intruded on your space.

Ferociously presiding over rivers, wells, lakes, marshes, swamps, lagoons. Alluring, capricious, menacing. Fond of drowned gifts.

Use to protect what is yours, receive offerings from the locals and to remind yourself and others that you are the dangerous type.

Suitable for naiads of all genders and orientations.

nolite te bastardes carborundorum

This phrase comes from The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s not “real” Latin which is why I like it so much. It roughly translates into Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down. During tax season, I always figure if June had time for sedition in Gilead, I could keep myself together during tax season.

It’s hard not to get unraveled with so much change and uncertainty. It’s hard not to let the bastards get us down. But we can try by creating art in all its forms, being kind to each other, reading, dreaming and peering out of our windows.

Scent Notes: Warm earl grey tea, a feisty blend of sparkling citrus notes, spicy ginger and a touch of black pepper.

Use to gather up strength and calm and center yourself.

Suitable for survivors of all genders and orientations


A mischievously sexy romp through the wooded glen. Lush gardenia blossoms, effervescent pink champagne, fleshy berries, intoxicating heliotrope, carnal patchouli, heady amber and piquant blood orange.   It can be used to be pursued and to be given more is rightfully yours.

Pink Moon Mist


Geothermal Spring Water (Idaho)
(You deserve peace and healing, in the name of God Herself)
Myhrr Essential Oil (very small amount)
(You are a creature of holiness, in the name of God Herself)
Rose Water
(You are glamour and beauty, in the name of God Herself)
Culinary Grade Rose Petals
(You are worthy of love, in the name of God Herself)
Witch Hazel
(You are a creature of magick, in the name of God Herself)
Cosmetic Grade Pink Mica
(You are a child of the Moon, in the name of God Herself)
Cosmetic Grade Powdered Pearl
(You are worthy of joy, in the name of God Herself)
Cosmetic Grade Powered Silk
(You deserve luxury, in the name of God Herself)

Nothing else.

Queen in Exile

And sometimes, when the days are long and dark and dreary, I tell myself a story and it is this:

Once upon a time, queens were often in exile, often due to a rival queen. A rival queen could even be your sister-in-law who would send your husband’s blood stained jacket to her husband to show that she could take care of things at home while he was “busy” “abroad”. She wanted to send his head, but was talked out of it and now there is no body for you to bury and no man to keep you safe. Or some variation of this. Power plays, battles, murder. Sometimes you would have sanctuary in crypts, sometimes you would flee the country. It’s never just once. It is always messy. There is never much time to plan. You can only snatch what you could carry on the run – furs, jewels, letters of safe conduct, documents with incriminating details, mementos, money. Sometimes, not even that.

You are a modern queen in exile now. You’ve lost most of your means that you once had – your power, your titles, your land, your goods. You are on the run, ever plotting, ever scheming ever learning how to be sovereign. One day you’ll be back to court and when you do, it will now belong to you. Your own throne, your own crown, seated in your own power.

Wear to be present in your own power, to know your allies and to recognize the opportunities that the Universe is giving you.

Scent: Lush exotic spices jeweled in honey spilled over majestic rosewood spiked with fleshy figs and rich olive oil. Fit for Queens of every gender.

Salt Circle

Sprinkle in your home to cast out unwanted influences. Burn in an oil diffuser to bring in The (Goddamn) Universe (Herself)’s blessings. Wear on your body to repel unwanted attention and encourage attention that you desire. Use to anoint doorways, mirrors and windows as well as protection charms. Protect yourself from all that is unwanted and charm the influences you seek into your life. Created during the waxing crescent moon.


Lavender Essential Oil
(banish sadness and bring calm, in the name of God Herself)
Lemon Essential Oil
(banish negativity and bring clarity, in the name of God Herself)
Cypress Essential Oil
(banish low vibrations and bring grounding, in the name of God Herself)
(absorb toxins and bring healing, in the name of God Herself)
Grapeseed Oil
(bring the Moon’s blessing, in the name of God Herself)

Nothing else.

Sea Hag

You are a wild creature of the deep that no man can keep. Your hair is a tempestuous tangle of aquatic greenery with sailors’ smashed keepsakes used as your crowning glory. You harness the might of the ocean with your salt sea breath. You are clothed in ozone, stolen jasmine and oakmoss. You answer to no one but your sisters who are equally swathed in fierceness and glamour. You swim together as a savage pack, your voices violent in their beauty.

Scent Notes: Aquatic greens, Ozone, Salt Air, Jasmine and Oakmoss

Use to incite power, self-reliance, boldness, swagger, and/or vengeance. Fit for Hags of every gender.

Sea of Sin

Sea of sin
My second skin
My home from home
When I’m in doubt
My hands reach out
And I’m never alone
It gets wetter and wetter
As it gets better and better
Sea of sin
Know where you’ve been
And I’m prepared. . .

– “Sea of Sin”, Depeche Mode

You dance naked in the pale moonlight while the ocean crashes against the sand with dark waters. There’s salt on your lips as you sing your incantation, throwing offerings into your cauldron to bring you what you desire most. Stolen crushed figs. Thorned velvet roses, your blood offering. Sparkling pink champagne. Tiny cakes frosted with your intention. A bejeweled scale from a lovesick landlocked mermaid. You have finally dared more than you ever have before. What dark desires will be made true under your will?

This ritual fragrance oil can be used to entice love where you need it most whether it’s to keep the bonfires burning in a long term relationship, find a new mate, get the recognition you’ve been looking for, self love and acceptance or even welcomed flirtation from a stranger. Perfect for all genders and orientations.


A most carefully guarded skin, scented with sea salt, ocean mist and sea moss. A forgotten crushed gardenia blossom once used to adorn her loose hair. A reminder of captured bridehood: earthy vetiver and white cedarwood. It can be used to recollect what it is to be free and desired.


Who will you pretend to be under the full of the harvest moon this All Hallow’s Eve? Will you be offering the poisoned candied apple? Slaying evil spirits in dark hay fields? Will you be kissing the masked stranger who offers you armfuls of orchids? Whoever you are under the dark of the shadows, remember daylight comes sooner than you think.

This ritual fragrance oil can be used for stepping into your shadow aspects and drawing down spirits and goddesses.

Snow Queen

A snow laden glen. A rosewood table laden in orchids and jasmine. A pallid tray heaped with glittering, pale marzipan draped petit fours. Her skin, bloodless. Her hair, pale as milk. Her ghostly gown, magnificant. Use to materialize a regal and haughty presence.

The Heart of the Dark

The real heart of the dark in your everyday life faerie story. Witchcraft is meant to be used for those who Want something as much as a fairy tale’s heroine or villain. If you didn’t have a blaze of unfulfilled need within you, why would you go on a journey that will have unknown and terrifying consequences? You won’t be able to map out every step of this path, you won’t know what will be ask of you to feed that fire and you don’t know if you will succeed. What will it bring into your life? What will it take away? No sensible person would travel down murky, unknown corridors unless. . .unless you Wanted something fiercely in the dark of your heart.

– Glamour Magic: The Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want, Deborah Castellano

As a modern queen in exile, you must got to the darkest part of your heart’s forest to take back everything you lost and to demand your heart’s desire. You are fierce, you are brave, you are cunning. You will pick your crown up off the ground again and again.

Wear to be present in your own power, to become not afraid of your darker aspects and to recognize what you Want.

Scent: Brisk winter air, the darken forest at midnight, icy jasmine, roses and violets and deep lush neroli.

Suitable for faerie tale heroines and villainess of all genders.

The Heart of the Dark has been created in my enchanted workshop, Spare Oom. While The Heart of the Dark can simply be worn on pulse points as a fragrance oil, it can also be used with your magical work.


Consecrated on the new moon, Unveiled was designed to assist you with parting the veil between worlds for your spiritual practice. I have consecrated this oil using my personal methods. Once the oil was decanted into labeled 5 ML amber glass bottles and my ritual work was finished, they have been placed on my altar to “marinade”.

You can use the oil for anointing candles, mojo hands, ritual use or simply as a perfume oil.

This oil has a delightfully ethereal aroma with gorgeous greenery undertones. Each scent component was carefully chosen to help you unveiled the spiritual world. Expect notes of loamy juniper berries, fresh green grass, earthy cedar, exotic saffron and sensual absinthe among others.

This is a unisex scent.

Venus Erycina

Secret rites in crumbling ruins that still sing the names of the goddesses, attended in the company of Sister Queens. The sea is blue as sapphires and the land blooms with pomegranates & dates and almonds & olives. The table is laden with dark red wine, the freshest of pesce and pasta, and the richest of freshly made sweets. The air is sweet with the companionship of your beloved sisters, mischief and possibility.

Scent Notes: Honey drenched roses smoked over a bonfire and toasted marshmallow glacé.

Use to be centered in your glamour, to invite decadence into your life, to break down barriers and in your Venusian work.


You are this very Witch. Whether you are a Witch in the woods foraging for fiddleheads and morels, a Witch carefully baking bread with chosen herbs to share with coworkers, a Witch who is on the PTA for her children who wear protection amulets in their pockets, a Witch who uses glittery candles and goes to a circle every full moon, a Witch who carefully chalks your floor with diagrams at the appointed hour, a Witch who meditates and uses crystals and goes to yoga or a Witch who dances naked outside at midnight while chanting incantations, there’s room for all of us around the cauldron.

Wear to be present in your own power, to take up space, to find hidden doors, to find your own witchy glamour.

Scent Notes: Smoky woods, spices and potions thrown into the bonfire, tree sap and needles under foot. Fit for Witches of every gender.

Deborah Castellano
Deborah Castellano's book Glamour Magic: The Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want is available for purchase through Amazon, Llewellyn and Barnes and Noble.
Her frequently updated catalogue of published work is available on Author Central.

She writes about Glamour Magic here at Charmed, I'm Sure. Her podcast appearances are available here.

Her craft shop, The Mermaid & The Crow specializes in old-world style workshop from 100% local, sustainable sources featuring tempting small batch ritual oils and hand-spun hand-dyed yarn in luxe fibers and more!

In a previous life, Deborah founded the first Neo-Victorian/Steampunk convention, SalonCon which received rave reviews from con-goers and interviews from the New York Times and MTV.

She resides in New Jersey with her husband, Jow and their cat, Max II. She has a terrible reality television habit she can't shake and likes St. Germain liquor, record players and typewriters.  


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