The Last Undine, Nuno and Disappearing Items

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Thank you to everyone who made purchases from me this week!  It is v. greatly appreciated and I will be shipping tomorrow.

A question I get often about using handspun yarn is what to make using it.  I will confess my first response (that I bite back) is how the hell should I know, lady?  I don’t know you.  I did my part in making the yarn and now it’s up to you to figure out what to do with it.  Use the power of your imagination.  That would probably be okay in France but here in America the only sensible thing to do was to put together a list of free patterns that use under 100 yards of yarn.  So if you’ve been coveting a skein and you don’t have a project in mind, here are some jump starts.

Further powering my cultural if not biological ties to the French, I’ve been doing some serious thinking about what it means to be a maker (of writing, songs, yarn, whatever).    Today as I’m handling the business end of crafting (packaging items to be shipped, ordering supplies, contemplating price matrices, marketing, etc.), I think I’ve gained a level in professional crafting because I’m looking less at what other people are pricing things as and more about what I’m worth. As Ms. K once told me when I first treating this as a business versus a hobby, “Only whores negotiate on price.”  Viva la resistance.

The upshot to that being I’m not making felted soaps or votives anymore because the Nuno scarves and new Mason Jar candles are a much better ROI for me.   My yarn prices are going up, but not retroactively.  It will start today with my newest dye lot, Lady of the Wood.  So if you want some of my cheaper yarn, felted soap or votives, now’s the time because once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Now onto new things.

This luxe felted Nuno scarf has been handcrafted from high quality 100% silk chiffon and the softest blend of Merino wool and silk bursting into life in shades of jewel tone amethyst purples.
Perfect for the fashion forward eco-chic traveler on the go!



This is the last of 9 skeins in the Undine dye lot, totaling 668 yards all together so you should be able to make your own fun with that much. This skein is probably my favorite of them and is plied with undyed gold Tussah silk and sapphire Fair Trade Sari Thread.
Deborah Castellano
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