Spring Semi-Annual Sale & Max II Update

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As ever, signal boosting is appreciated.

First, the more fun part!  We usually do a Summer Semi-Annual Sale but frankly we are more in need right now.  We will be doing a Spring Semi-Annual Sale in lieu of our Summer Semi-Annual Sale.  From today until Monday, March 27th, save 25% with the code SPRING2017!

Merino and Silk Nuno felted scarves, airy silk chiffon scarves and woven woolen scarves!  Luxurious hand poured beeswax candles.  Decadence is always a favorite!  Handspun hand dyed yarn!  Hand blended Fragrance Oils!  Favorites are Black Swan, Ladies for Luna and Gentlemen for Jupiter!  Royal Rebellion Candles -glittery soy candles with silver charms at the bottom!  Soy Vigil Candles fixed with glitter and herbs to bring luck, love and money!  All found at our shop, The Mermaid and The Crow.  All sales will go directly to Max’s surgeries.

This morning we got the call from kitty ER that Max reblocked and will need additional surgery called perineal urethrostomy. The total cost will be $4,000. We have not received an invoice yet as they are performing the surgery as I update. He will need to stay for a few more days. Once we have the bill, it will be posted as promised.  After this surgery, he should not have future blockage problems. We called our vet to get a second opinion and she said that this surgery is the next step.

So, I can’t say that I ever thought I would spend this much money on a pet and very honestly when Max II and Bellatrix “go on tour” after what better be after v. long lives respectively, I think we’re done on pets for a while.  It’s so stressful, it’s so heart breaking and it’s so expensive.  MamaFran is bullying kitty ER to see about a price reduction, I will be cashing in comp time, our tax refund went to this and luckily we also have Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market coming up.  But this is still back breaking nonetheless.  We had a really long stressful, teary talk this morning about what to do because frankly this is draining our reserves dry and I’m worried about future emergencies, not to mention lifelong expensive cat food.

It’s been a v. stressful morning.

But we really love his stupid face, so much so that I am willing to swallow my pride and all my feelings about asking for help and ask for help via GoFundMe.

If you would like to learn more about Max’s surgery, go to this page.


Deborah Castellano
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  1. Gentlemen for Jupiter??? Do you deliver to Prague, Czech Republic? Cheers!

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