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dukes I had a revelation with Jow today.  I realized I’m never going to be the type of Witch who revels in the great outdoors.  I don’t like camping, I don’t like it when it’s too hot or too cold, I have weak ankles and fibromyalgia so my love for hiking is minimal at best.  I live in a condo that has a power tower close by and I’ve always lived in a suburb or city. I find myself becoming attached to The Land (and I kind of always hear air quotes around that phrase when it applies to me to be completely honest) in ways I didn’t expect.  Like taking an interest in buying from local farms whenever possible, trying to eat ethically raised meat whenever possible and taking interest in local semi-civilized places.  Sandy Hook Beach.  The Wildflower Preserve in New Hope.  Dukes Farm. But even more locally with my tiny container herb garden, the offering tree we have in the small grove of trees in front of our burrow and our house spirits (who often like to hide things if we’re not home enough).  My friend N. said that we’ve lived in one place for long enough now (almost five years) to start getting in tune with the local Wheel of the Year and with our tiny patch of land. Today we bought juicy fuzzy peaches and fresh sunny corn from our local farm stand and then toured Dukes Farm (I hope to get a patch of land in the community garden next year) and ate rich slices of organic liverwurst.  I picked a sorbet palette of wildflowers and tonight we’ll make a shrimp boil. I’ve missed days like today more than I can tell you.  I’ve been working most Mondays lately and our weekends have been a fast moving carousel of visits with friends, trips to the beach, brunches, circles with my sisters, visits with our families and outdoor markets with The Mermaid and The Crow.  What little spare time we’ve been able to grab has been spent catching up on keeping our household running, research for me on my next project and shop related activities.  We used to have at least one lazy day a week for us to recharge.  I’m really glad we have today together.

Deborah Castellano
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  1. Sounds like you found a wonderful place to just … breathe 🙂
    Widdershins recently posted..Mash-upsMy Profile

  2. I don’t put air quotes around The Land when I say it, but I know what you mean. 🙂 I’m the same way – very much a city witch, but also very-much rooted in the city where I live.
    My wife and I pendulum back and forth between living in town (which is never going to be very affordable, particularly not from a home-ownership perspective, but which means we aren’t dropping $$$ every month on travel costs just to get to and from work and/or see our People) vs living in The Country – and I do mean the country, like “zoned ag” country, not “bedroom community” country – at the end of a very long, gravel road (which we could definitely aford, even if we built the house ourselves, but which would be very isolating at the same time – with all the wonderful and terrible things that come with that).
    Re: Hooking into the year-wheel of a paticular place: This, so much! I mean, this is me, I need to know what things are growing (and ripening) when because I forage and glean to keep up the veggies and fruits content of our diet. But even for pagan-types who aren’t all “I *only* shop at the Farmers’ Market, what do you mean you get your groceries at a *box store*???” know what The Land *under your actual feet* is doing at Lammas (to pick a convenient, up-coming example) or Spring Equinox, or what-have-you is just so important to not having your Earth-Based-Spirituality turn into something idealized and up-in-your-head, y’know? Earth as Platonic Form rather than local, for-real bioregion.
    Anyway. Yada yada.
    Your Monday Off sounds absolutely wonderful, and I’m sorry you haven’t been getting many of them lately. Hooray for Lazy Days when you can get them! 🙂
    Meliad recently posted..O is for Overwhelmed and “Out of Order” – Pagan Blog Project 2014My Profile

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