Secret Stash: The Mermaid & The Crow’s Sold Out Limited Editions

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Mermaid and Crow COLOR

Gathered for the curious, the masochistic and the curious masochists.


Secret Stash: The Mermaid & The Crow’s Sold Out Limited Editions

Charmed, I’m Sure (discontinued 2015)Voluptuous burgundy rose notes with fresh white floral nuances. Exquisite burgundy wine, and warmed by precious musk and apple wood. Redolent amber honey middle notes blended with sea weed, green ozone and salty sea breezesWhile Charmed I’m Sure can simply be worn on pulse points as a fragrance oil, it can also be used to make you perfectly charming to others and works as a gentle glamour.

Cloven Fruit (Yule 2014)The sharp citrusness of an orange heightened by freshly ground cinnamon, earthy nutmeg and expressive clove perfectly blended with blackberries, black tea, plums and oak moss.  The essence of the thrill of the chase.

Goddess of the Hearth (Imbolc 2012):  Delightfully herbaceous aroma with gorgeous floral and tea undertones. Each scent component was carefully chosen to bring prosperity, love, happiness and protection to you and your hearth. Expect notes of lavender, thyme, rose and parsley among others.

In Omnia Paratis (Secret Scent 2014):  Our secret scent cannot be purchased, it can only be given and it does not appear anywhere – not in our online shop and not for our live shows.

You have been chosen.  Bienvenue à la société.

Inky, fleshy merlot wine splashed over exotic teakwood, caramelized Tahitian vanilla pods, sun-warmed figs and delicate cassis entwined with rich cedarwood, extravagant bergamot and liquescent amber heated over the smokiness of a bonfire.

Jack o’ th’ Shadows (Samhain 2013)The essence of loamy damp earth, the rustle of aged books breathed through fresh air, fallen leaves, sandalwood and patchouli accorded with freshly ground cinnamon bark and complimented with herbal notes of bergamot, cannabis flower resting on a base of earthy base notes of sheer musk, black tea, and patchouli.

Jadis (2014 1.0 Version): Base notes of sharp orange citrus notes, orange blossoms, deadly lily and dark moss blended with ice and fir trees. The haughtiness of fresh floral jasmine and rose petals and ylang ylang on base notes of sandalwood, deep woods and vetiver. The scent of the dark forest, snow in the air. The promise of of sweets and warmth after it’s been snatched away. A regal feminine scent.

La Luxure (Beltane 2011) This dreamily sensual rich fragrance is a sexy rose base with notes of coquettish jasmine, warm ginger, creamy coconut, decadent champagne and a pop of creamy pink sparkle. Each tin is covered with a hand embroidered piece of damask with Erzulie’s Veve. The solid part of the perfume is made from coconut oil, bees wax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Naturally, each parfum will be fixed through prayer, offerings and magical working. The only animal this has been tested on is me (you’re welcome!)


Longest Night (Yule 2014): The essence of joie distilled.  Lush sparkling pomegranate draped over heady jasmine, exotic sandalwood.  Fine aged brandy and sweet d’anjou pears.  Dark ylang ylang laid over oud wood.

“Balancing the tray on one hand, I picked up the glass from which he had drunk and raised it to my lips.  With the tip of my tongue, I caught a tiny drop of pure joie clean and spicy, at once icy and burning.  Watching him wind through the crowd, I savored the the taste of it and the secret sharing; then, quick and guilty, I replaced the glass and continued on my rounds.” – Kushiel’s Dart Jacqueline Carey

Lady in Red (Imbolc 2013): Sensual rose base with top notes of ground cinnamon bark, and complimented with herbal notes of bergamot, cannabis flower, jasmine, and rose;  and sits on earthy base notes of sheer musk, black tea, and patchouli.  Expect undertones of lush red wine and sweet honey.

Man in Black (Beltane 2012): Rich sexy notes of teak, cedar, green tea, saffron and cardamom with a hint of blood orange.  Each scent component was carefully chosen to bring prosperity, confidence and an air of attractiveness to the wearer.

Stag King (Limited Edition Version Beltane 2013): Sensual woodsy base with top notes of bergamot, orange, and lemon; with middle notes of geranium, lily, and rose; and base notes of patchouli, vetiver, and tonka beans.  Expect undertones of blood orange, cardamon and green tea.

Unveiled (Samhain 2012): Consecrated on the new moon, Unveiled was designed to assist you with parting the veil between worlds for your spiritual practice.  I have consecrated this oil using my personal methods. Once the oil was decanted into labeled 5 ML amber glass bottles and my ritual work was finished, they have been placed on my altar to “marinade”.

This oil has a delightfully ethereal aroma with gorgeous greenery undertones. Each scent component was carefully chosen to help you unveiled the spiritual world. Expect notes of loamy juniper berries, fresh green grass, earthy cedar, exotic saffron and sensual absinthe among others.

Will o’ th’ Wisp (2013 Hallowe’en Limited Edition) The ozone of the bayou and the salt of the sea draped with oakmoss, vetiver, sandalwood and patchouli and blended with marshy earth.  Use to contact otherworldly spirits, the fae and Samhain ritual work.


P.S. I will have a box of as many of the discontinued oils as I can round up (I’m missing a few and the Secret Scents will not be available) at my shows and I will bring out the box for sniffing upon request! 

Deborah Castellano
Deborah Castellano's book Glamour Magic: The Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want is available for purchase through Amazon, Llewellyn and Barnes and Noble.
Her frequently updated catalogue of published work is available on Author Central.

She writes about Glamour Magic here at Charmed, I'm Sure. Her podcast appearances are available here.

Her craft shop, The Mermaid & The Crow specializes in old-world style workshop from 100% local, sustainable sources featuring tempting small batch ritual oils and hand-spun hand-dyed yarn in luxe fibers and more!

In a previous life, Deborah founded the first Neo-Victorian/Steampunk convention, SalonCon which received rave reviews from con-goers and interviews from the New York Times and MTV.

She resides in New Jersey with her husband, Jow and their cat, Max II. She has a terrible reality television habit she can't shake and likes St. Germain liquor, record players and typewriters.  


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