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I’ve been super busy with a lot of stuff that I can’t talk about yet which is incredibly annoying and boring as I traditional-mirrors like to tell the entire world my business whenever possible which is what makes me a good blogger and a sometimes tedious friend.

Stuff I can talk about:

NYC Pagan Pride and Philly Pagan Pride were both amazing on a financially successful level and on a personal interaction level, ditto for the last Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market (The Cinnamon Snail was there!  So good!).  I got to wear my Maleficent swing dress, but I punked out of wearing it with the collar popped.

I’ve been going to a ton of local farmer’s markets and getting all sorts of glorious ground cherries, purple fingerling potatoes, grass fed sausage, marrow bones and armfuls of brightly colored flowers.

I got to go to the Crucible after party with Jow and saw Jason Miller, Lavannah, Polyphanes and Pallas.  I made a glorious baked pumpkin brie for it and a pumpkin cordial that was half gone before the party even officially started.

I learned that Sheep and Wool festivals are not a good fit for me.  I . . .okay, don’t laugh at me but my first sheep and wool I ever attended was Maryland Sheep and Wool and we were staying at this perfect little hotel that had all these little shops in walking distance and an amazing upscale steak restaurant.  So when I think S&W, I think less about barns and barnyard animals and more about silks and steaks.  Oh Charmers.  It was so dusty and the weather was awful.  I made an okay profit but I would have to spin so much to be taken remotely seriously and it was not much fun from a vendor prospective.  No food trucks.  No cute young things wearing next to nothing.  No unexpected wares to purchase, just supplies.  I just . . .I can’t.  I need the glitz and glamour of Pagan Prides, Punk Rock Fleas and SCA events where the food is excellent, the clothing is sumptuous and the conversation is elegant.  However S&W is very helpful to attend to buy wares, just not so much for me for merchanting.

I got to go to my favorite exboyfriend’s wedding (he looked dashing in his kilt and his lady looked like a Vera Wang bridal gown model, so gorgeous!) with all my friends, I drank some very elegant punch in crystal bowls with silver ewers in my college town over the summer,  I ate my weight in Renaissance Faire food with my best girl friends and we admired the shines and the pretty and I enjoyed a very lovely rooftop brunch in the city.

An excellent summer and a good start to the fall.  But oh lordess am I tired!  My Tiny Charges aren’t getting any lighter to carry (though they’ve mostly stopped vomiting and pooping on me, small favors) and I work over forty hours a week with them, I spend at least ten hours a week crafting, another twenty hours a month (at least) as a merchant at events and at least ten hours a week writing.  Now that it’s slowed down to a manageable level, I hardly know what to do with myself.  (I want to work on Spare Oom but that’s not something I can do when I’m sleepy tired)

Slowing down has made me more conscious of my magic.  My glamour magic was working very nicely when I was busy, but now that I’ve slowed down and I have a chance to feel tired, my magic feels tired too.   It’s really hard to be glamorous when you are really tired, just ask any really new mom.

How to Revive Your Exhausted Glamour Magic

1.  Self care helps immensely.  Get enough sleep.  Drink enough water.  Drink another glass after that.  Eat whole food or food you’ve prepared from whole food yourself.  Whatever errand you’ve been neglecting (dry cleaning, new boots for the winter, dyeing your hair, getting your nails done, etc), see to those errands.  If your house is not as clean and cleansed as you would like it to be, see to that.

2. Give yourself a treat that you find relaxing.  A new book to read.  A new album to listen to.  A new movie to watch.  A small piece of fine chocolate.  Really lose yourself in enjoying it.

3. If you have glamour’ed jewelry, clothing, shoes, mojo hands, etc., give those items a rest for three days.  My mojo hand likes to rest in a small Tiffany pouch because she thinks she’s fancy.  An enclosed space (pouch, box, bag that zips, etc) may be good.  Sage or salt if you think it’s needed.  When you are ready to get back to business, feed it whatever you feed it generally and then run it over an open flame.

4. Take a candlelit bath with music that makes you feel glamorous (my current recs are: Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack, Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die and My Brightest Diamond’s This is My Hand).  I do a version of this face mask, I use chamomile teabags that have been brewed and chilled on my eyes and I put some quick oats in a piece of cheesecloth and tie it closed and use it as a scrub.  Use a rose scented bath bomb or essential oil, 3 pinches life ever lasting, 3 pinches lavender, 3 pinches rose petals.  Focus your intention on gathering your glamour back to you as you soak.  Call it back from other people, call it back from events you have attended, call it back from when you felt unglamorous, call it back from when you felt un wanted, call it back from all the mundane tasks you need to complete in a day, call it back to yourself.  And when you feel it opening up inside you like a flower blossoming, anoint your head with your bathwater.  Biodh sé.*


* We say biodh sé in my grove after someone gives praise to a god, goddess or spirit.  It’s pronounced “bee-shay” and it means very simply, “it is”.  We say that because the praise offered isn’t for each other but for the god, goddess or spirit, it’s why we don’t applaud.  However it feels weird offering a song, a poem or something very personal in a roomful of people and not hearing any kind of response, it makes you wonder if you said anything out loud.  So we say biodh sé to acknowledge that we have physically witnessed what was said.  I often use it to close my rites because it’s both humble and elegant**.

** Admittedly, sometimes Jow and I like to say “And so it is!” very theatrically because (a) it’s from The Secret which makes it ridiculous and (b) the girls from The Bling Ring who had a reality show were home schooled using The Secret as their curriculum which is awful on levels I can’t even fully articulate.  They would say “And so it is!” with a Grecian level of pomp and authority whenever they did their little rites or whatever.  Naturally, this must be now incorporated into our rites whenever possible because . . .we are who we are. 


Deborah Castellano
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  1. I am so doing that tea bag thing. Seriously. I’m sick with the Con Crud right now and would REALLY like to not be, seeing as I have 14 days to finish The Move and a tonne of modeling (woohoo!!) coming up on top of that.
    I would like to know more about calling lost bits of yourself home again. I think I have a bunch of those that I need to haul back where they belong and… I don’t have a clue how to get the iron pentacle to work (just as a for-instance). Breathing exercises seem to help, but… I’m open to suggestions.
    Meliad recently posted..U is for Un-Covered and Up-Cycling – Pagan Blog Project 2014My Profile

    • Con crud is The Worst. I’ve found Vitamin C and Zinc to really help with all that.

      I was very heavily inspired by Thorn Coyle’s Evolutionary Witchcraft ( for this entry. For Iron Pentacle work, calling things back to you and other good stuff, I can’t recommend reading it enough.

      • I’ve got Evolutionary Witchcraft on my shelf, and have recommended it to a few folks myself. 😉 I just… How do I pull something back to me if I won’t (necessarily) recognize it when it comes? How do I know I’m not just pulling some random Thing out of The Void? (Aimed for a fish, got an old boot or an irate raccoon, for example).

        Con crud has (mostly) gone away. Hurrah! Still a bit gronky, but at least I’m not exhausted and I don’t feel like the contents of my skull want to leak out my nose by way of my sinuses. (Lunch? Anyone? No? Okay). The move is almost over. I have a lot of Stuff to pack up, since I’m the one with the free time during the day, but it’s almost done. The goal, in all honesty, is to be finished by Thursday night, so that I can just fucking enjoy things on Hallowe’en (and maybe have a house-warming party, to boot!)
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