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I know no one is supposed to see it, but why? I mean, I know no one is supposed to touch it, which makes sense, but the not seeing it less so to me. I mean, if you wear it in your bra, you take off your bra to go to bed which means it has to go *somewhere* where theoretically it could be seen.

Can you use a mojo hand to do a working for another person? How does that work with the whole no one can see/no one can touch thing? I would assume it would need to marinade on one’s altar . . . .

Deborah Castellano
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  1. plurnagaoithe

    I am no expert, but from what I understand, the taboo with being seen is tied into the idea of touch = bad. I think it's more a case of being seen makes it more likely to be touched rather than seen = bad.

    I assume they can be made for others, since from what I understand of the little bits of history I've read on the internet they usually were made for others in the past. I have no idea how that works specifically.

  2. Miss Sugar

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Howdy…I just added your blog to my feeeeeeed so I'm catching up on some of your more recent posts. 🙂

    One of my teachers told me, "When you discover a secret or have a revelation, be quiet about it for at least three days" – that way the energy is yours, and yours alone. No one can pick it apart or argue with it, or cause you to doubt yourself and your actions. I interpret the "no one can see it" rule in the same way.

    I have a black cigar box with a cute little devil on it. That's where my "quiet" works go while they marinade, or when I have to remove them from my person, so no one has to wonder about who, what, why, or where.


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