[New Year, New You] Weekly Writing Prompt: Maps (Wait, They Don’t Love You Like I Love You)

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As usual, without even discussing it, my PEH and I are on the same page.

This week’s prompt is for you to go some place that is sacred to you and to use the experience to guide you in your work for 2012.  Look for signs and omens everywhere, write down your dream from the night before and if your drunken whore of a Muse (. . .or, you know, your own personal spirits) give you direct input as to where to go and/or how to spend your time there, do what they tell you to do (. . .within reason, don’t get stupid on me now, Charmers) and see where it takes you.

The point of this prompt is more about being open to an experience and relaxing your mind and seeing what kind of revelations you come to.  We don’t all have access to standing stones, it’s about going to a place that’s important to you in your own personal cosmogram – it could be a town, a bar, a church, someone’s house, a restaurant, whatever.  You know your own map.  And it doesn’t matter if your dreams are filled with your boss telling you to buy tomatoes and vodka on the expense account and demanding you mask it so that Accounting doesn’t bother zir (. . .not from personal dream experience or anything) or if all you hear on the radio is Sexy and I Know It ninety billion times on repeat and that the only wild life you see is someone’s Labrador and Red Mini Coopers suddenly seem important, write it all down.  Don’t try to interpret it until you’re writing your blog entry.  Let it marinade by your bedside until you write your blog entry.

Go find adventure.

Deborah Castellano
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22 Responses

  1. Whoa!!!!! I just want to applaud you on your excellent musical taste (if I guessed right where the title of this prompt came from), touche.

  2. Mari Adkins

    drunken whore of a Muse


    you can say that again!

  3. The ocelot

    It's into the woods for me. Maps.

  4. Rose Weaver

    Well, this was timely:

    Mapping Sacred Places

  5. I've been singing this song all week because of you…


  6. I'm a little late to the party but here's my post:
    Field Trip

  7. birchtreemaiden

    There has been blogging (although no dream pillows).


  8. The Were-Owl

    Thanks again for some thought-provoking ideas! This ended up being much more useful than I thought it would: Internal Journey

  9. andrewbwatt

    And… here's my entry for this thought, checking the map.

    Enjoy. I feel like I was a little off-base on this one, because I chose to consider WHEN, and not just WHERE. At least I laid out a bit of an itinerary for the near future, though.

  10. andrewbwatt

    Huh. I'm adding another one to my list. The Recatchpa word for my last comment was Charing, and as far as I know there's only one Charing in the world that's really important โ€” Charing Cross in London.

    So maybe I should go visit Gordon, even if Gordon has no idea who I am. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. The ocelot

    The update: Maps: an Update.

  12. http://chrysilla.dreamwidth.org/9408.html

    Blogg'd! Due to more sickliness, I decided to stick with my own personal sacred space ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Satyr Magos

    Finally done. Interestingly, I also worked on my own sacred space for this.

  14. agreenbranch

    The weather finally changed and I had some extra spoons!

  15. MG Ellington


    This may be a different take than it should be on the concept.

  16. Glynis Jolly


    I think this one hit me at a bad time.

  17. […] me a rather more elegant Thursday plan than I would have come up with on my own), I put off my NY, NY: Maps adventure until yesterday. My sacred site of choice was the Nasher Museum at Duke University, which […]

  18. […] Sacred spaces. Cosmograms (Gonna build my own soon). Guidance and omens. Read all about on her original post or handy-dandily c/p’ed […]

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