[New Year, New You] Final Public Writing Prompt: Wheel of Morality Turn, Turn, Turn, Tell Us the Lesson that We Must Learn

I feel weirdly sad about this being our last public prompt together, Charmers.  I’d probably feel more sad if  I had slept like a normal human being last night but I had been sleeping fitfully since 3:30a and then not at all since 5a.  Good times.  Lots of weird anxiety for some reason.  All of this naturally is tres sexy for Valentine’s Day.

Anyway.  This week’s prompt is simple, reflect on the last nine weeks and talk about what you’ve learned.  About yourself, about goal setting, about your magical practice, whatever was meaningful to you.  Also reflect on where you would like to see yourself heading now that you’ve accomplished what you’ve accomplished.

Non-participating Charmers, I appreciate how patient you’ve been with this process and how kind you’ve been to myself and others during this time.  You can now look forward to a return of what passes for normal blogging here.

Participating Charmers, this time together has been v. meaningful to me and I’ve appreciated how you’ve made me laugh and cry and have let me in on a v. private part of your lives.  It’s been an awesome experience bonding together and I am a better person for it and I thank you for that.

Go forth, be excellent to each other.

Deborah Castellano
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She resides in New Jersey with her husband, Jow and their cat, Max II. She has a terrible reality television habit she can't shake and likes St. Germain liquor, record players and typewriters.  


15 Responses

  1. Simon Tomasi

    How fast the time has flown! I've learned a lot from this project, thank you so very much for running it and keeping up with everyone's postings 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for this Experiment. I'll get back to you about glamour soon. But in the meantime…

  3. It's really strange to be making my final post for this project! Thank you so much for running it, though, I've definitely gotten a lot more out of it than I expected.

  4. Ocean Delano

    I already said so in my post, but thanks for running this project, Deb! It has been inspiring, and no matter what happens, I'm going to be using at least some of the New Year New You prompts to help with further goals! Here's my response:

    Wheel of Morality: A Response

  5. Rose Weaver

    You live, you learn

    Thanks, Deborah. See you in the forum soon.

  6. agreenbranch

    Very glad to have found the Experiment. I feel rather sad to have made my final post on it.
    Summing Up

  7. birchtreemaiden

    So here is my post:

    Looking forward to the forum, though I will seriously miss being able to blog my responses.

  8. This whole project has been such an amazing, loving kick-in-the-ass. Thank you so much! And here's the last post.

  9. Deb, this has been fantastic, helpful, and the perfect mix of kicking it into gear and gentle care.

    Final post

  10. Satyr Magos

    I found it difficult to put my lessons into words.

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  12. […] week’s writing prompt is one of reflection. Has it really been 9 weeks since I started this? It feels like longer. Well…technically, it […]

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