New Article of Mine Up on WitchVox: Out of the Frying Pan and Into Motherhood

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Maidenhood was easy. First on top of a table to shake my butt, I could metabolize tequila at rate so terrifying that there was a hundred dollar bet that I could out-drink a guy twice my size that I won. I wore stompy boots with sparkly laces to my cubeville job. Knowing how to own myself wasn’t a hard lesson for me, I did everything I was supposed to do as an empowered Maiden of the late 90’s/early 00’s. Majored in Women’s Studies in the biggest women’s college in the country, worked for the National Organization for Women, backpacked around Europe in an international pharmaceutical adventure, got my tummy pierced, got wings tattooed on my lower back, made my own money, all of it.

But no matter how much we may want it to be, maidenhood isn’t forever. But what would it mean for me, someone with no plans to have children, to become a mother? Part of my Pagan background is being a Dianic Wiccan and while we’ve talked about being a virgin doesn’t mean you’re a maiden, having a baby doesn’t necessarily make you a Mother and going through menopause doesn’t automatically grant you Cronehood.  . . .Read the Rest Here

Deborah Castellano
Deborah Castellano's book Glamour Magic: The Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want is available for purchase through Amazon, Llewellyn and Barnes and Noble.
Her frequently updated catalogue of published work is available on Author Central.

She writes about Glamour Magic here at Charmed, I'm Sure. Her podcast appearances are available here.

Her craft shop, The Mermaid & The Crow specializes in old-world style workshop from 100% local, sustainable sources featuring tempting small batch ritual oils and hand-spun hand-dyed yarn in luxe fibers and more!

In a previous life, Deborah founded the first Neo-Victorian/Steampunk convention, SalonCon which received rave reviews from con-goers and interviews from the New York Times and MTV.

She resides in New Jersey with her husband, Jow and their cat, Max II. She has a terrible reality television habit she can't shake and likes St. Germain liquor, record players and typewriters.  


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