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So, yesterday I started seeing auras.  Not the fun magic kind that would be appropriate to post here and not the kind that means there’s a migraine.  More like my vision blurring all around the edges.  This has happened before (yes, I’ve talked to a doctor) and is a fun trick my body will manifest during times of excessive stress.

Things I am doing:

* Fighting with my sister (again) (I think she’s winning as she’s out of country and refusing to talk to me and is choosing to charm me with passive aggressive Facebook comments)

* Giving up Facebook for Lent.  Possibly forever.  See above.  Also it seems to trigger any OCD tendencies I have and creates too much noise in my head.  It’s better to go old school and just do something crazy like talk to people directly.  And Tweet.   Tweeting doesn’t seem to affect me in the same way.

* Continuing to lose weight (with an elevated blood pressure, wheee!).  I am 14 pounds away from being thinner than I was over five years ago from my first wedding.  I haven’t really been exercising past my day job running around so I guess the French are right about food.

* Expanding my private client portfolio for occult consulting.  If you want a private consultation, shoot me an email.

* Prepping for my second fiber art trunk show/tea at my favorite yarn shop.

* Learning archery.  I just booked my first lesson for the beginning of April (the first opening).

* Selling books.  I’ve sold enough books to make back what I’ve paid my editor and illustrator.  In another 11 books, I’ll be at a profit which I’m v. pleased with myself about as the book has been out for less than a month.

* Fighting with Amazon/Kindle about linking the eBook with the paperback.  It finally just happened.

* Setting up a GoodReads account as an author.  The word is still weird on my tongue.  Author.  Author.

* Finished up with one of my nanny families.  I’m going to miss J. and O. a lot and it was really hard to leave, but I need more of an infant/toddler schedule for a lot of reasons (more time with Jow, the ability to write on nap times, more brain left at the end of the day, etc.).  It was really nice to end on a good note (and know I’m getting a birthday party invite for little O.!) and knowing they’ve got a good replacement lined up.  I start with a new family next week and I’m still with my other family.

* Just finished labeling a bunch of new yarn, now I just need to update my Etsy.

* Eyeing my Ikea bookcases.  As soon as we get our tax return (in a couple weeks!), it’s getting replaced with this.

* Learning to give myself a French mani.

* Aggressively seeking fun.  20th Anniversary Vampire: The Masquerade has inspired Jow and I to lead a one shot Sabbat game.  I’m saying yes to whatever I can.  Parties, meeting new people.  Whatever.  Yes, yes, yes.  I’m having a party in April that will feature a Fat Sandwich/Ice Cream Sundae bar and comfy pajamas.

* Going on a cruise in September with Jow in celebration of our one year wedding anniversary.  We’re sailing to St. John/Nova Scotia.  I know next to nothing about both, so hit me with food/shopping/sights recs.

*  Ended the cat wars.  They have finally stopped shitting and pissing everywhere.  I had to put one of their boxes in the bathroom which I’m not happy about but it’s better than shitting in the dining room.  Now we just need to borrow my mom’s shampooer to clean the carpets.

* Working on Ms. K’s start up.   We should be ready to take our show on the road for  Angels/VCs shortly.

* Sprucing.  Got a much needed pedicure and brow shaping.  Got a bath mat for the bathroom cat box.  Bought pens (all of ours disappeared until I bought the pens, of course), new bath scrub/poof, new sexy shape wear (tossed all my Spanx, done feeling like a sausage), etc. etc.

* Looking forward to this weekend.  A double date with Mr. M and his new lady (and Jow of course!) at our favorite restaurant, Skylark.  A night out gambling with my mom.  A whole Sunday together with Jow for a late Valentine’s Day celebration (gumbo, books and watching Beautiful Creatures at one of those theaters with booze and food).


What are you up to this weekend, Charmers?

Deborah Castellano
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  1. Hi,

    I’m Canadian and have visited Nova Scotia a couple of times if you want to ask questions.

    There are fabulous things to see in Halifax (including pirates!) and I can send you to a couple of websites for more info. 🙂


  2. Packing this weekend for a move back to New Haven. Facing the possibility of having to homeschool 2 out of 3 grandchildren if they don’t get into a magnet school.

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