Max II’s Bladder Surgery

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So, nothing says “Oh hai, it’s your only day off!” like finding yourself in kitty ER on a Sunday.  Also equally exciting, hearing the phrase “it was like a bloody snowglobe” to describe said procedure.

On Saturday, Max was having a typical day – tearing up carpet, harassing our other cat, Bellatrix, chasing his fur mice, hanging out in his Fortress of Solitude.

Yesterday, Sunday, this all changed.  He was lethargic and crying.  We rushed him to the kitty ER where they unblocked his bladder.  They are keeping him for several days.  He will be fine, we’re told this is just something that sometimes happens to male cats but the procedure will cost close to $2,000 and he will need to be on (expensive) special food for the rest of his life.

This was a very sudden very unexpected expense for myself and Jow.  And man, I am incredibly anxious about asking for help which is this tax season’s theme.  I’m worried about how we’ll be perceived, that any shred of enjoyment we have in life and any purchase made ever will be under really judgey scrutiny for oh, the rest of our lives because we asked for help with this.  We don’t have the invoice yet, but when we do, we will post it to the GoFundMe.  The money will be used to pay for this procedure.  If there happens to be extra, it will go to their very expensive/need it for the rest of their lives food.  We love Max and he’s a young cat, only four.  Any help is greatly appreciated and would mean the world to us.  Signal boosting is also equally appreciated.  I am already overwhelmed by the generosity of our loved ones.  I am trying to accept it gratefully and not just anxiously.

So . . .the real question is . . .would you buy a Limited Edition Ritual Oil called The Bloody Snow Globe?  #AskingForAFriend #BecauseIfYouWouldIWillMakeIt

Deborah Castellano
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  1. I will buy that, because it’s a hell of a story. Nimbus had to have a similar procedure at 2, and I am still paying it off, but it’s worth every penny. He’s 6 now and still doing great. *knock wood* Love to Max. Be kind to yourselves.

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