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I will be the first to tell you that 2010 Deb was indeed correct in that conjuring your Perfect Day is in fact dangerous work.  Shortly after that Working, my company started to gently collapse until it collapsed completely.  It turns out that I need a little more structure in my Perfect Day (i.e. at least a part time day job) than I thought I needed because not leaving my house is not a good look for me.  I think I also didn’t really understand how much work goes into writing a book, starting a tiny blogosphere revolutionand starting successful craft businesses.  

My new ideal day isn’t something that can be scheduled as I scheduled my first one but it builds off it.  It’s more of a perfect week which looks something like:

* Part time nanny work (two days would be ideal for about 15 hours a week)

* 12 hours-ish devoted to my craft business (networking, shows, creating new things, internet work)

* 12 hours a week for writing (books, short stories, articles, blogging, etc.)

* 4 hours a week at home to housefraus (cooking, cleaning, organizing)

* 4 hours a week for active stuff (archery, walks, bike riding, roller skating, zumba, yoga)

* 4 hours a week for devotional practice/magic

* 12 hours a week for fun (seeing friends, exploring new places, reading, going to places I like, etc)

* 63 hours a week of sleep (delicious sleep)

That leaves me approximately 40 hours a week to deal with bullshit (driving places, obligations, paying bills, grocery shopping, etc) and unexpected stuff.

I’m not that far away from it and I’m getting closer to it every day.


And now, a mood board that is inspired by my perfect week.   I have no logical reason why I associate embroidered pants (especially with tiny lobsters) with a good/prosperous/fun  life but I do.  I got the ones listed here already to get a jump start on things.  The bike is because I want to pretend to be French and riding to a cute little bakery for a baguette . . .though I’m surrounded by highways.


Perfect Day

1. Schwinn Women’s Gateway Bike, Target $199

2. Women’s Embroidered Graphic Boyfriend Skinny Khaki, Old Navy$19

3. Ball Home Canning Discovery Kit, Amazon$10

4. Ashford Traveller Double Treadle, Single Drive, Lacquered, The Woolery, $720

5. Phantasmagoria Oil, Twilight Alchemy Lab, $25

6. Samick Sage Recurve Bow, Lancaster Archery, $130




Deborah Castellano
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  1. Your ideal week doesn’t look too far different from my own, with maybe a few hours shuffled differently here or there. Also, thanks to you I am going to have to look into archery lessons as soon as there is time/money available for that. ;P

    • My sekrit goal is for us to do awesomely enough as fiber artists that we can eventually be bi-coastal and do shows together!

      Archery, be prepared to be pissed off. ;p

  2. My ideal week doesn’t have nearly enough hours in it to contain all the stuff I want to accomplish.
    Which explains at least a little bit.
    That said, I love how you’ve done this – not an hour-by-hour schedule, but a clear idea of how much time you want to devote to X, Y, and Z while being successful.

    I’m with you on the part-time work, though. I’ve come to the conclusion that, like you, Never Leaving The House is not a good look. Plus having to get my ass to and from a particular destination on a regular basis means that I’m actually getting out and Taking A Walk for an hour or so every time I do it. Two birds, one stone, right? Right.

    How goes the archery? 🙂
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  3. jonquil

    My ideal week gets skewed with the necessaries involved in caring for my three grandchildren. I have #3 & found the little green basket too small for my needs. I have a water bath canner & jar lifter/handler for my batches. The basket holds my soaps instead.

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