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We didn’t have much of a spring, more of a non consensual love affair with Seattle.  And with Maryland Sheep and Wool happening over Beltane, I didn’t really kick over to spring like I usually do, it was more a soggy straight shot to summer.  No matter, I’m ready!  I got my pool passes for the first time (even though we’ve been living here for three years now) (and it’s supposed to rain on our days off) and I’m ready for the new season.  I tend to go through a quarterly renewel process with the seasons where I want new stuff – new things for the house (sheets, pictures, furniture, organizational items, curtains, etc) and new things for me (hair, make up, clothes, etc).  I also tend to get into a new phase work wise – I work on producing items, updating my Etsy, new ideas for books and stories, new crafted items, etc.

This summer season, I’m working on book proposals and sample chapters and working on restocking LS+LC as well as new items for The Glamoury Apothecary.  I’m also working on Suburban Homesteading and crafting things for myself.

Musically, I’m into Gin Wigmore right now and Lanie Lane.  I’m reading some research books for a future book and also The Honest Toddler.  

As far as changes for me, I bit the bullet and invested in a good French bra and some new bras for my day to day because my old ones weren’t cutting it.  I’m starting to get into the need for a custom bra which is far less thrilling than my smaller chested/male compatriots imagine.  I’m thinking to get a new hair style, I have an appointment next week and I’m thinking of pretending to be Victoria Beckham‘s poor, zaftig American relation.  I promise you, I’ll still be surprised that the hair cut hasn’t magically morphed me into a size 0 when it happens but I think it will be cute.

After everything new has been obtained, it’s time to clean everything out!  Scrub myself, scrub my house, scrub my car and get rid of as much stuff as possible!  Lather, rinse, maim.

I’m having a strong inexplicable love affair with the Pantone Spearmint color family.  There’s no logic or reason but every time I see the color it makes me happy.  Is it just me this summer or is it A Thing?  Since sharing is caring, I present to you my Mint Green Obsession Board!

Mint Green Obsession

1. Prima Dress, Hola Chica $124

2. Bellfield Chino Short, ASOS $43

3. Turquoise & Caicos essie Nail Polish, Target $8

4. No. 11 Break the Bank Colorful Eyeshadow Collection, Sephora $13

5. Mint Striped Paper Straws (25), Ceferina Sweet$5

6. Chloe Scalloped Ballerina Flats, Bloomingdales, $475

7. Moroccan Mint Tea Mints, Teavana$4

Deborah Castellano
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