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Ridiculous shoes are a must.
Ridiculous shoes are a must.

Last year, due to a lethal combination of a TAL psychotropic perfume, child plague, an empty stomach and a lot of lemon drop shots, my head was in the toilet at 11P like a fucking amateur.

This year, I celebrated my birthday proper by going for an aperitivo and mussels with my mom and Jow and then to have oysters and more cocktails with Jow.  All the waitresses were especially attractive, one looked (and spoke) just like my beloved Joan Holloway.

Turning 35 has given me the most existential angst that a birthday has ever given me.  When I turned 30, I had what I called “a double quinceañera” with all kinds of pink decorations I made, everyone dressed fancy, I served charcuterie and cosmos and everyone got completely faced with me and then played/howled to Rock Band, took off a lot of clothes and passed out on my floor.  It was everything I could have wanted in a birthday.

35 feels like a progress report about my thirties where I’m being marked unsatisfactory in almost every area.  Logically, I know that’s not true – I’m in a good marriage, I have a lovely little condo, I’ve made a lot of financial progress, I started my own business, I’ve written a book and I’ve been published a decent amount but it’s hard to hear over the internal screaming (you don’t have a child, you haven’t written more full length books, you’re out of corporate america, you don’t drive a BMW, you’re not famous and you never ever have any fun anymore!).

Venus in Retrograde isn’t helping this, as per Gordon.  Hopefully, this will improve as we hit the third act as Austin Coppock notes as that’s when women often come into power.  We’ll see.

On Saturday, I had a party with friends at my place.  I started the party cranky as I was “in the weeds” as the pros (i.e. those of us who watch Top Chef) say.  The weather didn’t help either.  Most of my friends were sick, the weather was crummy but still, there was champagne and truffles and a huge Crumbs cupcake (chocolate with pink frosting).  I could tell that everyone had a good time by how much food was plowed through.  I’m going to list my menu to pretend this was a smooth Miss Martha experience that did not have me cutting out an anti-thief device out of my pink princess tulle skirt ten minutes before people started showing up because the stupid cow at Kohl’s didn’t take it off and I didn’t know until just then.  Still.  I wore my Manolo shoes that I bought when I was 25 that I just finished paying off this year, wearing them felt triumphant for the whole half hour I kept them on.

Menu for a Birthday With Venus in Retrograde

Bacon dip with pita chips

Arancini balls

Cocktail Meatballs

Eggplant Crostini


Baked Brie with Apricot Jam

Chicken Pate with Black Truffles


Artichoke with Fig Balsamic Crostini

Chicken Samosas

Mini Taylor Ham and Cheese on Potato Rolls

Disco Fries

French Macaroons

Salted Chocolate Caramels

Cappuccino cake

Chocolate Brandy Beans

Champagne with Hibiscus Flowers

Assorted Cordials

Deborah Castellano
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