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Work Day collage


Tentative Schedule for La Sirene et Le Corbeau/The Glamoury Apothecary.  Books sold at Pagan events only.

Spring Thyng (SCA) – April 26

Quest (SCA) – May 24-25

NJ LBGT* Pride (Asbury Park) – June 1st

Phair (Philadelphia) – July 5th or 12

Central NJ Pagan Pride (Somerset, NJ) – Aug (day TBA)

Philly Pagan Pride (Philadelphia, PA) – Aug 30

New Jersey Sheep and Wool (Lambertville, NJ) – Sept 6 – 7

Keswick Fall Festival – (Glenside, PA) October 11

2014 Holiday Celebration of the Finest Arts and Crafts (Ocean City, NJ) – Nov 15-16

indiemade craft market (Allentown, PA) or Crafts in the Warren Tech – Dec 6th




Not sure if this is the best title, if for no other reason than every day is a work day for me because I’m a psychotic/tiny business owner.  It used to be that “craft season” was a well defined time period for me.  Once I got my stock established, I would start gearing up late summer for the Fall/Winter season and after Christmas, it would be a break for a few months.

Now?  Oi!  After Christmas, it’s been a lot of SCA shows and then it will be the Pagan/Sheep & Wool/Indie Craft Scene season and then it will be Christmas before I know it.

Right now my focus is on expanding/reformulating my candle line, offering hand painted Merino roving for the SCA shows because they’ve been buying my spinning kits like crazy so they’ll need something to spin, more handpainted silk chiffon scarves in various sizes (there are my darling “scarf ladies” who buy them by the armful for their hair), a few new fragrance oils for the Pagan shows and more Nuno once it gets to be fall.  Somewhere in there, I need to do new photos for my Etsy shop.  Spinning, of course.  I’m always spinning and I just ordered more roving.  I have some  new ideas for a few things that I’ll be posting soon!

Days where I dye, it’s always a big mess.  Everything has to be covered in plastic, I have an ever increasing set of kitchenwares that can never touch actual food because poison, I’m washing, dyeing, setting and drying.  It’s exhausting!  But I always feel really accomplished when I’m done.


Deborah Castellano
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