[Manic Monday] Third Wedding Anniversary

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Did you know that the gift for the third wedding anniversary is leather?  I love leather and it initially sounds like such a sexy thing, especially if you are involved at all with Leather.  But then it gets really overwhelming because you’re like, how many floggers does a person really need?  Is a wallet a dumb gift to your husband when you could be getting him some kind of leather hood even though neither of you are into that?  And then it’s just unnecessary tail chewing for what’s supposed to be a small token.  Jow decided to take me shopping for a new leather purse which is really happy and I decided on this for him.  If you are feeling sad feels that our gifts did not involve Mr. Grey activities, Babeland is a reputable place/website for education and shopping.  Go crazy.

We spent the day with my mom and my sister’s family as my sister and b-i-l’s anniversary is close to ours and we went for brunch at The Liberty House.  Several couples were getting married there that day.


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Deborah Castellano
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  1. Happy anniversary. <3
    (Heh. My wife's a leather worker. She just made a 3rd anniversary card for someone – just a credit-card-sized rectangle of leather with some appropriate words carved into it. It was really sweet).
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