[Manic Monday] Our Newest Family Member: Maximus Houdini Rex II

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MHRII took a bit of doing to find.  I went to three other shelters/fosters before finding him.  I had wanted a kitten, I thought, but I didn’t fall completely in love with any of the kittens being offered elsewhere and I wasn’t super happy with how disorganized a few of the places were.  The other place I had liked, the cat I wanted was being adopted right as I arrived.

I really liked St. Hubert’s.  I liked how friendly and welcoming the staff and volunteers were and I liked the policies they have.  I like how well they care for their animals and how each animal is neutered, vaccinated and chipped.  It was my last stop and I really only went because it was really close to my house.

I looked at the kittens there but I kept coming back to MHRII.  He was older than I planned on adopting at two years, but I also realized that he wouldn’t need special food and he’s already a lot more relaxed than a kitten would be.  We fell in love when we played together and he reminded me a lot of Max I, the way he is a lovey meatloaf of a cat as well as playful and sweet.  I also liked that he’s polydactyl, which seems auspicious.

But the course of true love never runs smoothly.  Bellatrix Peepingston (our Siamese) is currently in a losing battle against accepting him.  It hasn’t been as aggressive as the Piss & Tinfoil Wars of 2012 waged between Bellatrix and Max I, but when MHRII was all, “Hello, Friend!” immediately to Bellatrix, she responded with a hail and hearty swat and making The Noise.  We separate them when we’re not home or asleep for now and they can spend a while together before she gets aggressive and they can get fairly close together.  But any time he scampers or plays, it is currently viewed as Treaty Termination by Bellatrix and aggression resumes until Penalty Spray Bottling happens.  She also likes to guard food and litter but luckily she can only be one place at a time and we have spread out each of their stuff throughout the condo.

I think they’ll be okay in a week or so.  Jow keeps trying to sing her songs of friendship and possibility but so far it has not been well received.  But she’s getting fat and lonely without someone to passively dislike all day.  We just need to get her to the passive part.

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