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It doesn’t take someone with an advanced psych degree to figure out what I’m into in my off time:

1. Furniture I can’t afford.

2. Food.

3. Booze.

4. The Occasional Flying Spaghetti Monster

5.  Moar food.  Moar booze.

weekend collage

This weekend, I was let out of my cage and I used the time to:

1. Go to the Short Hills Mall and pretend to be a lady who lunched at Legal Seafood.

2. Go to the Borgata and go to The Sunroom at the Water Club, my fave.  My pretend bf Geoffrey Zakarian did the menu for The Sun Room.  Lose money on craps.  I had a feeling that entropy would not be in my favor this weekend but I also had the feeling that I am often wrong about feelings and I better check to make sure.  Just $15 though, don’t get excited.  Craps is my fave because everyone gets frat house excited about winning and I feel like I have a better handle on the energy at the table than with a random slot machine.  We also went to Lush because we (Ms. D and I and then Ms. R. by exposure) developed a Lush habit when in Scotland.  It is now a significantly less expensive habit as there are Lush Hobbit Holes/Stores in New Jersey, but no place super close to us.  They’re doing “color readings” right now that are surprisingly accurate if you’re willing to view it as fortune telling.  My reading was: What you’re good at: Control, What you’re trying to get: Perspective.  How you’ll get there: Confidence.  Hmmm.  I bought Flying Fox Shower Gel, Angels on Bare Skin face scrub and Sunny Side Bubble Bar so I will be a glittery princess for my birthday party next week.

3. Blow Sunday being sick because Ms. D and Ms. R (with Ms. K. suspected as well) are plague carriers.  Lie on the couch with my Ralph Lauren Wool Plaid Blanket and Lambie.  Jow made delish Asian soup for us for dinner and we watched Pretty Little Liars (sort of like Twin Peaks with Teenagers and Pretty Clothes).

3a. Start spinning the newest dye lot, Child Empress to see if it’s good.  It is.

4. Go to Westfield on Monday to pretend to be French.  Go to Trader Joe’s for moon wine for my party on Sat.  Go to Savory for paprika and Baker’s Brew (good on short ribs and hot chocolate).  Go to Rockn Joe’s for waffles and the 90s coffeehouse experience lite.  Go to Crumbs for a cupcake for dessert tonight.  Because you are a fat kid.  You are.

4a. Start blogging again.  Because you are suuuuuuuuuuuuper lazy and unmotivated.  You are.

4b. Write emails with entire manuscript to send to editor and illustrator with apologies for being a slag.  Because you are.  Positive self talk* has gotten you this far.  Don’t ruin it!

* Real talk though?  I have often found the thoughts, “Keep it moving, fat stuff” and “Stop being so lazy, you’ll never amount to anything” to be far more motivating than “You’re beautiful just the way you are!” and “Look how much you’ve done!”  It doesn’t speak well to me being completely psychologically balanced, but it does speak to working with what I have.  Try it out, see which one works better for you.  And, um, it’s totally legit on a Mahasidda** level.

** Through a white girl/suburban/shaken ant farm/first world country lens.   YMMV.

Deborah Castellano
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  1. YAY for being a sparkly princess for your party! 😀

    Re: Self-talk: I find that “you’re beautiful just the way you are!” only works when you’re already feeling it (or at least the potential for it); but cussing myself out and calling myself lazy (however true) does FUCK ALL to get me motivated. It hits all my “why bother” buttons, instead.
    I find “Come on, [you said you’d do it]/[you have a deadline approaching]/[it only takes ten minutes, no REALLY]” works much better.
    Maybe that’s just me. 🙂
    Meliad recently posted..Stock Made from Many Bones and Braising LiquidMy Profile

  2. ‘Moar food. Moar booze.’

    There’s more to life?!?
    Mama Fortuna recently posted..Wannabe HerbalistMy Profile

  3. Moar food and moar booze for the win!

    I used to love Lush when we lived in Philly. It was an expensive love affair, and now my love affair with the products offered by my place of employment has replaced it, no less expensively.

    I don’t like to admit it either, but comforting and encouraging myself does not motivate me as effectively as a more, um, critical approach. 🙂
    Beth recently posted..Custom orders and other questionsMy Profile

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