[Manic Monday] It’s Furniture Day!

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Which is significantly less exciting than Rex Manning Day.  Like a loser, I’ve been totally freaking out about this.  What if the new leather couch doesn’t fit through the door?  What if the movers we hired to get it from Ms. G’s house don’t show up?  What if they do and they’re terrible?  What if the cats immediately shit on the new leather?  What if we can’t fit the new bookcase and coffee table into the car?  What if Ikea is out of our new dining room set?  What if other traumatic Ikea related incidences occur?  What if we can’t haul the rest of the furniture from the stores to the house because it’s too heavy?  What if the new couch looks terrible in the living room?  I’ve been a real blast in a glass the past few days.   

We preemptively cut the cats’ nails before we even got anything which is always a horror show but this time Jow didn’t even need a blood transfusion.  I didn’t expect to be sad to get rid of my shitty particle board furniture but I had a weird traumatized reaction to it.  My sister saw that a meltdown was eminent as I was madly scrubbing the kitchen   because I didn’t have a couch (or bookcases or a kitchen table or chairs . . .the little things) to sit on to spin or do anything productive.  I reorganized our kitchen and went on a big purge spree (big enough to get rid of enough stuff to almost fill the kitchen) and handwashed a bunch of stuff that needed to be hand washed and scrubbed.  She tossed me into her SUV with my tiny nephew (who v. slowly and carefully decided to say “Auntie” for the first time making my heart burst into a million pieces) and we went to Kohls where I got cute new magnets for the fridge, searched in vein for shoe trees to stretch the expensive shoes I keep inheriting (and found out I could just do this instead so you’re welcome) and got stuff to make my new terrariums from Lowes.   I went home and cleaned some more and my sister and her hubs came over to grab the last of the particle board stuff.  They drank decent wine in nice glasses on Ikea folding chairs with me like some hellish amalgam of college life and thirtysomething life mushed together.  Jow came home and took pity on me and took me out to dinner for prime rib and snow crab and milkshakes for dessert.

Today went smoothly.  Almost too smoothly.  Our movers were amazeballs.  They were incredibly professional and figured out how to get the couch through the door and jenga’ed it in.  We didn’t hit any of the typical Ikea snafus and were in and out in record time and didn’t buy anything we didn’t need.  We went to get our bookcases and coffee table.  We stopped to look at throw pillows (I liked some from HomeGoods but I thought they were too expensive.  I was wrong.  $35 is too much for a v. small throw pillow, Pier 1!  Even if it’s covered in bugle beads.  I’m going to go back tomorrow while Jow puts more stuff together).  Picked up dinner and got home at around 4p and unloaded everything.  Jow even put the new coffee table together already.  Now dinner is taken care of and our groceries are being delivered (placed the order last night).  Adult Achievement unlocked!



Furniture Day

1. Union Coffee Table, Crate & Barrel $250 (on sale right now)

2. Sloane Java Leaning Bookcase, Crate & Barrel $387

3. JokkMokk Dining Set, Ikea $149.00

4. The Raven Pillow, Kate and Cass $22

5. Scratch Lounge, Boots & Barkley $9.99

6. Succulent Terrarium, Succulent Designs $27.95


p.s. Miley Cyrus does a surprisingly gorgeous cover of Jolene.  I’m realllllly particular about that song too and it gives me shivers.  You should give it a listen.  I’m feeling New Orleans’ siren pull something awful between Miley’s backyard session, Beautiful Creatures and non stop flights from Newark to NOLA being less than $300.  I have to roll willpower on the daily not to book a flight immediately.

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  1. YAY for grown-up furniture!
    (Also, I envy you your prime rib, snow crab, and milkshakes).
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