[Drunken Tea Party] I Miss You

Yes, you!  Remember when we all used to comment on each other’s blogs and make each other think and laugh?  I feel like we’ve fallen into this vortex where we only comment if we suuuuuuuper agree or suuuuuuuuuper disagree.  I miss the conversation, I miss hearing about other people’s adventures, I miss feeling like I know a bunch of you. 41

Right now I feel like I’m just yelling at the internet as Gordon and I like to say.  And sometimes that’s fun.  But after a certain amount of time, it feels like “if a tree falls in the woods. . .” (If a blogger keeps writing and no one ever says anything, does she exist?)

So I’ve finally fixed my problem (I think) with receiving comments in my email box.  For a while I wasn’t and that was v. sad making!  But I think I am again. I’m going to ask a question once or twice a week here and answer it myself and I invite you to answer it too so it becomes some kind of awesome monster breed between drunken never-ever-have-I-ever and a tea party.  If you find your answer is getting so long that *you* want to make it a blog entry, leave us your link so we can visit!

What is the dumbest thing you have done magically to date?  Details, please.

As you all know, I kept my “good girl”/Catholic mentality for a loooooong time magically so I don’t have a whole lot of super fun stories and I wanted to get some.  Everyone kept saying, don’t Ouija board!  It’s like putting a free beer sign out!  And I was like, you know what?  I spent hours and hours using the Ouija board as a tween/teen and yeah we freaked our shit out (often) but there was never what I would call any lasting damage.  So since I’m in the second stage of my late blooming rebellion, I figured, fuck it.  Let’s Ouija board.  Jow always treated these occasions like we would get all Dr. Orpheus and shit and rip open the whole of reality over our rickety Ikea table.  We tried.  I read a bunch of stuff about having a clear question, who to contact, blahblahblah.  Okay.  Noted.  We were very murky the first time.  Second time was no better.

Finally, I was annoyed enough to ask an Adult.  N. knows a lot about Lilly Dale related stuff but disapproves of Ouija in the house.  After listening impassively about my blatant disregard about No Ouija in the House, she asked, Is your house warded? I give a side eye to Jow, who wards as enthusiastically as Nancy-from-The-Craft.  Which is to say, often and like we are under constant psychic attack (which we’re not, btdubs).  He nods sheepishly. N. nods as well.  Kind of hard to call down random spirits if you’re warding against them.  And are probably warded yourself. This is of course where Jow compares my warding system to eating a sandwich out of a bus station bathroom, but N.’s point remains accurate none the less.  I slunk down in my seat, feeling dumb as a newb to have missed this obvious but critical piece of information.  Better luck next time?  And hopefully an actual spirit contacted as well!

Your turn!

Deborah Castellano
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  1. Honestly, my stupidest had way more negative repercussions than feeling dumb. Like 3 years and massive debt and legal trouble and pain and sorrow. Can’t go into details. I will say that it’s critical that you give practical-results spells (even positive ones) a path to work in your life… otherwise it might just clear cut one for you with the power of magical eminent domain.

  2. I don’t have a good story, but I miss these kinds of conversations too. And your blog posts today were what I needed to see and read and think about. So, thanks.

  3. Okay, honestly?
    I did a honey-pot for a sexworking friend to call in ONE really good, really reliable, really enjoyable regular client (she’s part-time) in order to keep a little extra money coming into her life every month without the constant hustle given her not-so-part-time “normal” job.
    And it TOTALLY WORKED (woohoo!)… except that they kind of got fond enough of each other that she fired him as a client and started dating him.
    That was not in the plan, Friend. Why do I do work for you? Why??
    Which is not to say that they aren’t a super-cute couple, and he *is* a good guy, after all, but… damn. 😛 That was supposed to bring her economic stability and personal safety, not a Boif to go roadtripping with. :-\
    Meliad recently posted..O is for Overwhelmed and “Out of Order” – Pagan Blog Project 2014My Profile

    • Lulz. Wellllllll. If he makes good money and they get married/move in/whatever and he’s willing to partly support her then I would say it was a win in the long term sense. 😉

  4. Just commenting to say that I, too, ward like there’s no tomorrow. We just moved into a 100+ year old home and the first night sleeping upstairs was so busy (rapping, sounds of things being pushed around downstairs–we’d just finished some construction work, too, lol) that the second night I warded the hell out of it and told the house to knock it off because I needed sleep! It’s been a month and barely a peep: at least it’s polite and listened, right?!

    One day I’ll get brave and lift the “security blanket” enough to feel out what might still be hanging around, but I still feel like no Ouija in the house is a good rule of thumb 🙂
    Jenn recently posted..It’s a Great Day to Set Some Public Goals!My Profile

  5. CopperDarlingBells

    Jeez, I have a few doozies. I suppose the most idiotic one was done years ago when I was at home on the summer holidays and I was bored in the only way a 15 year old with no responsibilities or bills to pay could be. I did a simple prayer type spell with the plea to make my life more interesting, and it was that point in my magical career that I learned to be very careful with your words because what some spirits consider an interesting life is getting into a car crash, luckily no one was hurt! But yeah, mind what you say

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