I know what boys want/ I know what guys like . . .except I totally don’t.

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Now that LS+LC is updated, I’m looking to update The Glamoury Apothecary more.  I’m looking for information on the following:

1. Boys (and boy-identified), what kind of ritual oils do you want?  I do v. small batch 5ML bottles and once the scent run is gone, it’s done.

2.  Girls, (and girl-identified), what kind of ritual oils do you want?

3. If you were interested in deity-centric ritual cords that I handspin, what deity/ies would you be interested in?

4. What kind of loose incense are you interested in?  To achieve a specific purpose or to a specific deity?  If so, to what/to whom?

5. If you wanted a doll for a specific goddess, what goddess would you want?

6. If you wanted hand dipped candles, what would you want to use them for?

I am interested in feedback to all these questions, but question #1 has me particularly stumped.  I know boys liked Man in Black, it sold out in like a week.  Right now I have Stag King in stock but I’d like to have more boy-centric oils.

Hint: More than one person piping up for a particular thing = an increased likelihood of me producing it.

Deborah Castellano
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  1. Andrew B. Watt

    I work with the seven classical planets, mostly, but I’ve been on a Druidic kick lately. There the four powers are often the Hawk of May, the Salmon of Wisdom, the White Stag, and the Great Bear. I know a lot of guys who are into Doctor Who and the Walking Dead — not necessarily together — what about “zombie repellant?” Or “Time Lord?”

  2. Through which Druidic trad is that? 🙂 I’m ADF so it’s totally different (http://www.adf.org).

    Ooooooooooooooh I like Zombie Repellent 🙂
    Deborah Castellano recently posted..I know what boys want/ I know what guys like . . .except I totally don’t.My Profile

  3. Let me inspire you, darling! (I almost typed, “Darking”, so just use that word, too, along with the following for oils):

    Vampire (boy or girl, incense or oil)
    The Wild Hunt (oil and incense)
    Arawn (oil and incense)
    Gwyn Ap Nudd (oil and incense)
    Dark Hunter as a perfume oil (SEE A THEME!)
    Freya and Frey (incense, deity, oil, dolls. Omg, I want a Freya dolly!)
    Oil and incense for the Peacock Angel (Feri trad)

    Candles mostly for devotionals and ritual work: Red candles for sex magic, blue for dream work, green Midsummer candles, black and red for underworld work–like black with little red garnets on the outside…that I could send you, or you could get and roll them in chips. In fact, gem candles! I would so help you make these!)

    Ok, I’ll calm down now.

    Though I also think you should just make fun scent oils entitled, “Goth Grrl” and “Goth Boi” that can be interchangeable or worn together. 🙂


  4. I would love larger bottles….I need a scent to last if its a one-off that I can’t replace! I want some of that stag king, but I dont want my new signature smell to run out fast and be sad, haha.
    christopher bradford recently posted..Animal sacrifice and the power of Life and DeathMy Profile

    • This is really valuable feedback, Chris. I appreciate it! I’ll be bottling future limited edition scents in a 5ML Amber Euro Bottle, which is bigger than the corked bottles I have and using my updated labels for it. 🙂

  5. On the fb side of things, this has been requested:

    Mint-Patchouli Oil
    Cinnamon Incense
    Sandalwood Incense
    Jersey Guido Oil (from my sister, of course ;p I asked if the sister oil, Jersey Skank would be requested)

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