Happy New Year’s!

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Happy New Year, Charmers.  I hope you enjoy the night whether you’re smeared in glitter getting into drunken arguments with your date at the club or at home Eating a Prosperious New Year.

Personally I slept ridiculously late today due to being out late last night and watching the epic cinema tour de force Dead Snow with friends and participating in a White Elephant gift exchange that amazingly didn’t end in bloodshed.

I’m listening to Lady Gaga’s station on Pandora so I can get ready to get slizzard tonight as I will be drinking with my besties in a hotel suite tonight where we will drink cosmos from a jug like the Goddess intended and eating far too much pizza.

Whether you wake up tomorrow bright eyed and bushy tailed or crawling out of bed feeling like you want to die, there’s still plenty of time to join the Experiment.

How will you be ringing in the new year?

Deborah Castellano
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5 Responses

  1. petoskystone

    Ringing in the New Year with a sleeping (hopefully) Grandchild #3, watching Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest, eating junk food, & eating in a prosperous New Year. Also, watching a marathon of AbFab.

  2. Hanshishiro

    Happy New Year Deborah.I'm going to put the family to sleep after 00h.00m and after that I'm doing an all night long mantra marathon and offerings to the Gods/Goddesses.
    That is going to be some party.

  3. Satyr Magos

    I will be drinking copious amounts of bubbly and eating curry. A party was planned, but few seem inclined to attend. Their loss will be my tasty leftovers: as mad as this year has been, a mellow New Year is welcome.

  4. Satyr Magos

    Also, I fear I must insist that Cosmos were meant to be drunk by stealing from the glass of the pretty boy in your lap. 😀

  5. Deborah Castellano

    @petoskystone – *Love* AbFab! Watching it right now!

    @Hanshishiro – That sounds lovely 🙂

    @ Satyr – I like the way you think!

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