Glamoury Apothecary Fixed Gods and Goddesses Vigil Candles Have Arrived

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I still have a few of my paraffin wax fixed candles. I sell them like crazy at Punk Rocks and Pagan Prides but I wanted to increase the quality of the product by having good kraft paper labels, purchased images vs fair use and by using soy wax which makes Mama Earth happy.

This method is a lot more work for me. My previous method with paraffin wax was soooo low effort. The labels for this have been a nightmare to do (I had to make my own fucking template among other headaches. Thank the Goddess I have a lot of Exec Admin experience under my belt), soy wax is a complete pain in the ass to work with and trying to get all the candles done in time for the sale and then! Write the copy and edit the pictures.

It’s been kind of like trying to pop a baby out of my nostril. But anything for you, Charmers. Also, allegedly I was  having massive guilt about the paraffin wax because I do try to be environmentally conscious, as much as I can be.

I’m very happy with the price point I was able to get this project at (which also took a lot of research and work) but I really pride myself on making well made affordable products. I know we are not often a moneyed people and I try to keep that in mind when I make my work while still allowing for a livable wage for myself.

The Fixed Vigil/Novena candles are encased in a recyclable glass jar with vegan eco friendly soy wax and a lead free cotton wick. The thumb nail sized image of each God/dess has had the rights to it purchased and the label includes a devotional prayer about the God/dess. The candle was fixed with shimmering glitter and an herb associated with the God/dess set into the wax.

The candle will burn for approximately 75 hours.

The candles are $15 each, but with the code MERRYHAPPY25 you can get them for $11.25 plus shipping.

I am taking custom orders! I charge the same amount ($15) if you have a picture of your deity to send me and a poem/song/prayer already in mind and if I have the herb associated with your deity in stock. I’m an herbal hoarder so I probably have it 🙂 If you want it in time for Yule, please place your order by 12/6!

I only have one of each God/dess listed below at this time because Mama is tired. So if you see Someone you like, I would suggest buying it toute suite.

The current list:
















St. Guinefort

The Morrigan




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