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While discussing my burning question with RO, not only did I realize how to clarify my question, but also that Erzulie Freda might be trying to make herself known to me.

Pros: She’s in line with this whole radical self acceptance thing, she likes the same things I do, gets along with Yemaya, never fully clicked with Aphrodite.

Cons: High maintance, don’t know where to put her if I do start working with her, don’t want to become a crazy god lady.

The idea of keeping her altar clean all the time is daunting. I suspect if I started working with her, she would live on my vanity which is notoriously a disaster area. The whole difficult and demanding thing is also pause making but at the same time, let’s be real, I’ve been described the exact same way by people who actively love me let alone people who don’t. The Yoruba pantheon is not at all unfamiliar to me, and it has lots of fun layperson rites. But I’ve never worked with a deity described as “demanding” and I’m not sure how well I’d play the “Whatever Erzulie Wants” game. But! I’m good at drawing boundaries with the gods and am somewhat of a cement head which I’ve learned is long termedly to my advantage. But as a cementhead, the fact that I’m getting the memo at all is giving me pause about how to proceed.


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  1. It might be easier to keep clean if her altar is on a shelf fixed to the wall above your vanity. Then the vanity can get messy but her little shelf is easily kept clean.

  2. Crazy God Lady FTW!:D

  3. Good idea Sara!

    Maybe there's a program I can join, Rufus . . .I feel like an ass but part of me sort of wants to "dump" Aphrodite for Erzulie but I also suspect that will be about as well received as a bag of angry cats.

  4. I feel like the typical relationship waffler – I haven't even "gone out" with E., I don't know how much we'll get along, A. and I had our good times . . .

  5. ROFLOL!

    I was thinkin' that. 🙂

    If it makes you feel better, you can think of Erzulie as the manifestation of those aspects of goddess that are right for you where you are now, and the Aphrodite experience as what was right for you when you were wherever you were at before. We grow, our relationships with Deity and its manifestations grow, and the aspects we deal with change.

  6. I've been working with EF for some years now, and I've found dedicating every orgasm to her (while visualising her Vévé) keeps her pretty happy… but your mileage may vary!

  7. Thanks, Cat! Any other tips?

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