Dear #QueensInExile,

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This has been a really hard week, right? Like a dumpster fire that you can’t get the smell out of your hair from. It’s dispiriting and makes it hard to get out of bed. Really hard to get out of bed.

But we have to. We all have to. That’s what makes us Queens. We have to fight, we have to organize, we have to hex, we have to keep going. We have to keep going to our day jobs, keep parenting our children, keep paying our bills and it’s exhausting.

Here is usually where I try to be funny and/or clever, but I’m still working up to that. Yesterday was a hard day for me because I didn’t expect to spend it yelling at the internet that Nazis are bad and we need to not be complacent. I thought we, like, agreed to that as a world post-WWII. That was the post-war compact. Don’t be a Nazi, don’t be complacent.

On Friday, you’ll hear me and Paige talk about using glamour as a weapon on The Fat Feminist Witch. It’s super upbeat, you should listen. It might cheer you up a little.

On Thursday, due to popular demand, I consulted with Mallorie Vaudoise on how to use Italian witchcraft as action against Neo-Nazism and I will be blogging about that.

Today, let your action be joy. Joy in your loved ones, joy in fliration, joy in small pleasures, joy in creating, joy in your career, joy in food, joy in yoga or a walk, joy in a nap, joy in your spiritual practice, joy in organizing, joy. We need to take a moment so we can survive and continue to fight together as sister Queens in Exile. Taking a moment doesn’t mean throwing down your weapons. It doesn’t mean undoing all the work you’ve done or all the work you’ll continue to do. It means taking a breath so we can recover a tiny bit and keep fighting. Even The Morrigan in her fiercest aspect knows she has to do laundry some time. And so do we. But let’s not immediately jump to drudgery, let’s instead take pleasure because they can’t take that away from us.



Deborah Castellano
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