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I know a bunch of Sister Queens were having trouble registering yesterday, though some were able to register which leaves me stymied as to what the issue is.  I have used a new button below, but you can also email me at deborahmariecastellano [at] gmail [dot]  [com] with your PayPal email address and I will send you an invoice.


Magical Manifesting in 2020

I’m going to tell you a secret – I’ve never taken a magical class before.  Mostly, because I could never afford it.  It was refreshing and resonated with me when I sat with a woman of a certain age at the Magickal Women’s Conference in London.  I had just finished speaking and after some small talk on the roof top terrace, she confided that years ago she had taken [Redacted Famous Witch]’s class over [Other Redacted Famous Witch]’s class because one class cost a hundred quid and the other class was only twenty.  This spoke much more closely to my actual experience with magic.  Mostly I had paid small membership dues with various groups to learn rather than taking a giant financial leap.  I’ve struggled with pricing this class because I want it to be accessible to you, my Sister Queens in Exile.  Who needs cheat codes more than Sisters in Exile?  Who often does not have the means to access these codes through a class?

So here is how this is going to work.

1. You have until Saturday, November 2nd to purchase this class for $25 USD.  You don’t have to explain yourself or sing for your supper.  The only leap of faith required is you have to purchase the class sight unseen.

2. If you would prefer to wait for the outline, it will come out on Monday, November 4th.  The class price goes up to $49 USD at that time.  Registration will close on November 30th.

3. Let’s be real, most of us aren’t thinking about magical coursework in December.   Let’s start fresh with Week Zero on January 1st in 2020 so you can kick off 2020 with a bang!

4. The course work will all be written.  You will have access to a private Facebook group to share in each other’s struggles and triumphs.  Your participation here is welcome though optional.

5. There will be two live Q & A sessions on the Facebook group.  If you can’t make them, no worries!  You can watch the video after at your leisure.   If you are able to make it to Q & A, I will be on video answering the questions that you leave in the comments via text.  You will not be on camera.

6. You can take the class at your own pace, though new lessons will come out every week.

7. This class welcomes all genders, occupations and identities.


The class schedule will be as follows:

Jan 1st – Week Zero

Jan 8th – Week One

Jan 15th – Week Two

Jan 22 – Week Three

Jan 29 – Reading Week

Jan 31st – Live Q & A with Deb at 8pm EST

Feb 5th – Week Four

Feb 12th – Week Five

Feb 19 – Week Six

Feb 28 – Live Q & A at 8pm



I look forward to leading you on this adventure.

In sisterhood, exile and magic,

Deborah Castellano
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