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For those unfamiliar with me, April1 is one of my oldest, nearest and dearest friends who has stood by my side as I came out of various closets.  She has been to many rituals of mine and has always been hella supportive.  The following is a retelling of this morning’s texts for amusement’s sake. 

April1:  What are you doing!!!  I saw your post, you’re having knifesex rituals now?

Deb (half awake): Oh shit!  My family!

April1: What the hell are you doing over there?

Deb:  Nothing!  It’s the same as it ever was, all crystals and crap.  I mean and lipstick and menstrual blood, but whatever.  Knifesex is a musical performer!  I know her friends!  We are supposed to meet but keep missing each other!  She has a great album about Babalon and I was using it for ritual I was doing!

April1: Ooooooooooooooooh.  You probably should have been more clear on that point before posting it.

Deb: Obvi.  Crap.  My family.

April1: Lulz. *ponders*: Maybe Babalon as a band name . . .

Deb: I’ll bring it up to V. at the committee meeting we’re not invited to, see if she’s down.

April1: I’m invited.

Deb: I will kill you.


Your key take aways:

Knifesex has an amazing sound and I was totally trancing out to her yesterday while working on some witchcraft.  She’s on YouTube and Spotify and you should check her out because she’s what ritual should sound like:


Deb’s rituals are full of rose quartz-y/red goddess goodness, because we are trying to get somewhere, as we’ve discussed.  Deb’s rituals sometimes includes music by knifesex.  Which you should listen to so we can all get on the same page:

I just finished consecrating a new altar as pictured above, you like?  It’s particle board, she whispered seductively.  I had to sacrifice shoes to make space for it.  Shoes.  I am not fucking around.


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