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I’ve been working on some new ritual oil ideas while folding newsletters today because that’s how my brain stays (mostly) uncolonized and I resist. I wanted to do an oil to help with self love but I needed a good name. I’m not sure if I spend more time deciding on names, descriptions and purpose or actually formulating. Sometimes I know I want to do a specific kind of scent vibe, sometimes I have a purpose and the scent comes later. Anyway, self love is great as a concept obvi but it’s a bit flat as a name for me. Sometimes when I’m struggling for exacts, I force my problems on others. G. had an idea at first but zhe wasn’t sure because the usage is a little broad. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. Philautia

I’m into it for a few reasons- it means self love but also can mean too much regard for one’s self. Tinsdale used it in his Bible translation so it has Tudor vibes which we all know I live for. But also I’m sure it was meant in a puritanical way so it’s subversive to be like, no fuck that. You don’t tell me how much love for myself is too much. Tinsdale. I’ma have as much regard for myself as I want to. You aren’t the boss of me!  Maybe I’ll join a coven of naked lady witches in the woods and live my best life smeared in butter and babies.  Which brings us to Black Philip vibes.  Because it’s great to put the Bible in a language that that people listening to it can, like, have a shot at understanding (scandal!  How will we keep them down at the farm now?!!!) but there were many other ideas that came from this pre-Puritan starter pack that started with good intention of giving everyone a shot at understanding what’s up with Christian god but as we all know, when spitballing, a lot of other less good ideas come with the actually useful part which eventually takes us to exactly where I want this weird little rabbit hole to take us – Salem.

I have no idea what this will smell like yet.  Um. Butter, Anne Boleyn’s underwear drawer, the darkest part of the forest, rose quartz unicorn horns and the Bible verse we all agreed to never speak of. We’ll put a pin in this part.

Deborah Castellano
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