A Love Letter to The White Witch

I was going to discontinue my ritual oil Jadis as I previously posted.  white-witch As I discussed with RO on his podcast, I literally could not give Jadis away.  Like, I gave out soooo many samples of Jadis with orders and no one ordered it.  RO thought maybe I got too deep into the dork forest by calling it Jadis which is v. rarely mentioned in the books but as I said on the podcast, we would tell people at shows that it’s the White Witch from TLTW&TW and they would visibly shutter and usually decline to even smell the scent.

I mean, it’s totally a strong scent.  It’s not for everyone, as RO said.  But it’s a very Chanel vintage perfume house scent which was good enough for both Marilyn Monroe and Serena VanderWoodsen (GossipGirl both the books and the show) and like it or lump it, the actress who played S. (Blake Lively) is now married to a v. cute actor and has a media empire that possibly surpasses Gwen’s Goop so she’s pretty much actually living the (Gen Y) dream.

. . .and look, I thought this is what we all wanted?  I mean, in my head I was like, do you want to be Lucy who is sweet and endearing and has a vaguely age-inappropriate faun/tween relationship and is often stuck at post-WWII boarding school which must be a total drag or do you want to be The White Witch who is always slithering around Narnia, like way more than even Aslan, fucking up shit, taking up space and demanding her place at the table?  Tilda motherfucking Swinton played TWW and she’s probably some actually some bored Grecian demi goddess using Tilda’s body as an avatar.  I mean, I guess you can be Susan who is slightly more of a party by being able to be proto-Katniss and gets into boys and parties and lipstick at boarding school but is ultimately locked out of Narnia for being guilty of being a teenaged girl and acting like one so that’s a total downer too.  So White Queen it is!

RO was completely into the idea of TWW as a ritual oil and I was very dismissive.  I was like, it’s been dead in the water for almost two years.  When I got onto his podcast, I found myself suddenly very passionate about TWW because I figured I was giving the oil a eulogy essentially.  I only have a few moments to talk to people at shows and I’m not going to spend a half hour trying to sell someone on something that they’re visibly recoiling from.  I have a whole compendium of ritual oils to chose from.  It was during that podcast that I fully crystallized everything that I was trying to say about TWW.  She’s beautiful and terrible.  She gives you a taste of what you want and then snatches it away and makes you so desperate to have what you wanted that you’ll do anything to get it.  She takes up space.  She is centered in her power and makes no apologies for daring to be powerful and a woman.  If that isn’t glamour, if that isn’t your Muse, if that isn’t why we do this thing we call magic then goddamn I don’t know why we’re doing it.

But even at Occultist/Witch events, magicians recoiled from it.  Maybe because there’s nothing understated about it, there’s no way to disguise (even to yourself) what you’re trying to do when you wear this ritual oil.  You are taking up space.  You are going to ask the universe for everything you wanted and not stop until you get it.  You will be secure in your beauty.  You will be secure in your power.

In the week that the podcast, Jadis sold out.  I sort of vaguely expected that, I didn’t have that many left anyway.

But then a really funny thing started happening at shows.  I still had Jadis on my menu but I didn’t bring the testers and while I was doing occult-friendly shows, most people who attended them were probably at a 101/201 level if they practiced.  I would guess that next to none of them (if any) read my blog or heard the pocast.  But suddenly everyone was asking for Jadis.  I could be doing an SCA show, I could be doing a Punk Rock, I could be doing an IndieMade, everyone was asking for Jadis.

I took it as the omen it was.  Everything in my tiny universe is indicting that 2015 is going to be The Year of Glamour.  My palms are literally sweating declaring it, because it’s a hell of a thing to declare, especially publicly.  When you really surrender yourself to a force magically– be it sex, be it kingship, be it the crumbling of empires and finding prosperity in the ruins, it has a way of taking over everything in your life.  For me, it’s started already because as Penelope Trunk has declared in the past, December is for Getting Things Done, January is for BS.   (Which is why you should start NYNY now if you’re going to do so.  I love the pingbacks I’ve been getting, btw.  I’m excited so many people are taking the journey this year!  I love reading about it!*) I’m terrified about being even more swathed in glamour than I already have been, but I’m as ready as I’m going to be.

When I had a moment to breathe, I decided to reformulate Jadis. I had a really difficult time formulating Jadis the first time, but this time I really knew exactly what I wanted it to smell like and the process was very smooth.  It’s still a heavy vintage perfume house scent but even more beautiful and austere if I do say so myself.

Jadis: The White Witch: Base notes of sharp orange citrus notes, orange blossoms, deadly lily and dark moss blended with ice and fir trees. The haughtiness of fresh floral jasmine and rose petals and ylang ylang on base notes of sandalwood, deep woods and vetiver. The scent of the dark forest, snow in the air. The promise of of sweets and warmth after they have been snatched away. Use to take up space and be secure in your own power.

Let’s make 2015 full of inspiration and glamour, Charmers.  I love you.

The entirety of my free New Year, New You: An Experiment in Magical Radical Self Transformation course can be found here, with a prompt for every week for 23 weeks.  I suggest doing them in order, starting at week 1 (“Making Way”).  You can do the course in a self-guided manner, either privately journaling your process or publicly, whichever you prefer.  If you want me to see that you’re doing it, link each prompt on your blog and I will get the pingback about your entry and I can find it and read about it.  

Deborah Castellano
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  1. Re: 2015 being the Year of Glamour: I feell the same way! 😀
    At least in my little, tiny world.
    I think I’m starting to get the hang of it, at any rate, so let’s see where this goes. O.O

    I’m glad you reformulated Jadis. My personal Deadly Amazon is red as blood, not white as snow, so it’s not a scent I’ll wear (I’m more embalming spices, dark hearted cherries, sensual honey, unadulterated heart-pounding cacao, and heady shiraz… but that’s me. 😉 But I’m glad you’ve got it more zeroed in on what it needs to be. 🙂
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