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I’ve decided to be late to the alphabet Pagan blog project because it will take a good long time to complete and keep me posting weekly while I start writing my book. I brainstorm with Jow and it feels real and possible and then I go to write it and I sort of just go into defensive dead position (like a bug). So I’m going to start that on Fri when I’m home, with booze and Jow. Whenever starting a writing project, I find I need to be in familiar surroundings and need a lot of handholding which is ridiculous given how much I’ve written.

Angels are an easy post for me because . . .I don’t work with them. At all. Ever. Not even as a Catholic. I don’t know why I didn’t per se as a Catholic, but I don’t as a Pagan because they feel really strange and alien and their agendas seem even more so. I mean, I don’t claim to know the gods’ full day planner or anything, but I always think of it as a chess board where they’re like seven moves ahead of me. With angels, I’m not sure if they’re even playing chess if that makes sense.

It’s just not my bag. Most of the magic associated with them requires a v. specific kind of ritual set up and you all know how I am with that so that doesn’t exactly help matters either. There’s something about angelic work that just stands the hair on the back of my neck up in a bad way. I find a lot of people feel that way, weirdly enough. I don’t do the Lesser Banishing Rite, but I know how. If I feel the need for it for some strange reason, I usually make someone else who’s less ooged out do it for me.

Deborah Castellano
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  1. I’ve worked (“worked”) with angels exactly once.
    It was like getting hit in the chest with a hammer.
    Fuck. O.O

    I’ll stick with my ancestors and my own wee gods, thanks. πŸ™‚
    Meliad recently posted..Cranberry Currant CakeMy Profile

  2. I’m doing Rufus Opus’s course on Angels, and I’m deeply enjoying the work… but even in my pagan life, I don’t ever feel like I completely rejected my Christian side; nor did I ever give up my early training in Platonism through a philosophy degree. So they don’t really feel all that alien, TO ME.

    On the other hand, I made a talisman to Jupiter using RO’s system with my lady, and through a mix-up, my talisman wound up with her and her talisman came home with me… and my talisman caught fire and was destroyed on her altar. So… maybe there is something to the idea that some people shouldn’t do a lot of angelic work. I don’t know.

    As far as them playing chess or something else… I think they’re playing Go, while the rest of us are playing Chess. We’re trying to capture pieces, and they’re trying to own the board. Hmm. This bears more thought.
    Andrew B. Watt recently posted..Taiji Day 86: two sleepsMy Profile

  3. Your chess thing makes perfect sense to me. I’ve worked with lesser ones growing up, but I crossed a line somewhere that makes it feel not quite right now. Trying some more Ceremonial stuff with the bigger ones feels even less right. I dislike the feeling that I might be caught up in a game that’s already laden with traps and has house rules that change on whims.
    Peeps recently posted..Strategy and CunningMy Profile

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  5. jonquil

    Angels & I are rather standoffish. Not so much that Angels change house rules as we have different houses (on the same plane). We’re civil to each other, but don’t feel the need to speak to each other. Much happier with planets, stars, & such.

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