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[New Year, New You] I don’t know what it meant to me/ I just know it affected me (My Response to: Wheel of Morality)

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I’m definitely feeling a bit nostalgic about ending the public portion of New Year, New You: An Experiment in Radical Magical Transformation though I’m already hitting the ground running to keep up with the second segment eCourse prompts. What have … Continued

[New Year, New You] Final Public Writing Prompt: Wheel of Morality Turn, Turn, Turn, Tell Us the Lesson that We Must Learn

I feel weirdly sad about this being our last public prompt together, Charmers.  I’d probably feel more sad if  I had slept like a normal human being last night but I had been sleeping fitfully since 3:30a and then not … Continued

Cussin’ for College: Your Moral Compass

You’re Thirteen Now!  These Margaritas Are for You, Becky!  So, thanks to that book Mastering Witchcraft that everyone else including Jow seems to have read at a formative age but me (I was reading Spiral Dance and um Bridget Jones’ … Continued

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