🌕 That One Time Deb Meant to Get a Pedi & Got a Magickal Adventure Instead 🌕

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There’s Something About a Pink Moon . . .

Tax season just ended for me,  its last shrieking opus came on “Deadline Day” where the phones wouldn’t stop and neither would the door.  It was a long, cranky day for us, Sister Queens with everyone too tired to even go out after work.  I’ve been trying since to perform self care, but mostly I had been sleeping.  A lot.  

Sometimes Magick Comes For Us. . .

My day off on Friday wasn’t exactly going to plan.  Jow was home sick, I was trying to figure out what to wear speaking at the Magickal Women’s Conference in London that would make my Circle Sisters proud, would make me feel comfortable but glam and pack well.  Just a little thing.  Forget actually figuring out what to, you know, actually say. 

Lately any of my yoga practice has been completely nomadic and based on what time the class is, if I can actually perform the class and if it’s close.  Super serious.  I ran off to class grumpy and late to a yoga studio I had never been to without having eaten anything.

The studio was beautiful and had gorgeous energy.  The teacher was really great – touching on growing up with Catholic roots and holy week, talking about the pink moon, talking about our intentions and funny af too as we went through tree poses and half moons and full moons.  I felt something opening inside me and maybe it was because I hadn’t eaten anything, it felt like the beginning of an adventure which was sealed when we laid down for shavsana and she started sounding singing bowls and talking about opening chakras.  She was a professional singer for the church and she said she wasn’t going to translate the mantra, just to see what it makes us feel.  My heart broke open when she sang it and I wrapped myself in my hooded cardi and just wept.  Needless to say, I cornered her to find out what she had done to me and she gave a beautiful translation of the Gāyatrī Mantra which was also used as the opening music for Battlestar Galactica (reboot).

Buy Pink Moon Atomizer

Tell Your Spirit Animals Hi for Me!

I decided to bag the pedi.  I wasn’t all that interested in that in the moment anyway when I found out that apparently you could engage in some massive high drama with your French Black Madonna for Good Friday, per Jesse from Wolf + Goat, so obviously I needed to do that. 

But I also figured that since I was fasting anyway at that point, I should collect local blossoms from some of my favorite local sacred places and I wanted to gather materials for the pink moon ritual that I suddenly felt inspired to do.  I texted Jow that I was going on a magickal adventure and he said to tell my spirit animals hi for him.  I laid down in a field of buttercups and I had my own personal revelation – I felt like I couldn’t work with lighter energies currently because I’m basically drowning in office negativity for the majority of the day, but I realized we all love crystals right?  And crystals are supposed to be receptors of higher vibrations.  But they are not soft or squishy at all.  And that’s okay because they still reflect the light.  And I can too.  I mean, who doesn’t love to bring unspeakable parcels to the crossroads in the dark of the moon but, we do need some kind of balance in there I think.  And creating this atomizer is my love note to creating that balance.  

 My ritual work includes drawing down that delicious pink moon energy into the waters I concreted for the Pink Moon and some musical inspiration along with soaking up goddess vibes with a few of my Sister Queens for Saint Germain cocktails and fresh raw oysters along with other pink moon magic.

(Image by Marina Mika)

Moon Mist: Limited Edition Natural Atomizer

Spritz in your spaces such as doorways, mirrors and windows to make them hallowed and energized. Anoint yourself and sacred talismanic objects with a spray to manifest your intentions and bring the fullness of the pink moon to your craft. 

Only twenty bottles will be available. Only available until Friday April 26st.

Pink Moon Mist was ritually created on the Pink Moon, as indicated in the photos. When you shake the bottle, it creates swirls of blush glitter to enjoy. Pink Moon Mist safe for your face and body, we use only high grade ingredients that we test on ourselves. Pink Moon Mist comes in a glass recyclable atomizer bottle. 



Geothermal Spring Water (Idaho) 
(You deserve peace and healing, in the name of God Herself)
Myhrr Essential Oil (very small amount)
(You are a creature of holiness, in the name of God Herself)
Rose Water
(You are glamour and beauty, in the name of God Herself)
Culinary Grade Rose Petals
(You are worthy of love, in the name of God Herself)
Witch Hazel
(You are a creature of magick, in the name of God Herself)
Cosmetic Grade Pink Mica
(You are a child of the Moon, in the name of God Herself)
Cosmetic Grade Powdered Pearl
(You are worthy of joy, in the name of God Herself)
Cosmetic Grade Powered Silk
(You deserve luxury, in the name of God Herself)

Nothing else.


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